Why It’s Not Okay To Serve Beer In A Frozen Mug

POSTED ON January 13th  - POSTED IN Blog
Chilled glasses are great to serve draft beer in. However, bartenders should avoid freezing glassware. Here’s why: Aroma.  Using a frozen glass promotes the storage of carbonation in beer and reduces its aroma. Additionally, when it’s stored in a freezer, the aroma from other items (usually frozen liquors such as Goldschlager or Jagermeister) will seep into the […]

The Glacier Gazette For January 2022

POSTED ON January 1st  - POSTED IN Blog
MEMO FROM MANAGEMENT Happy New Year! We are thrilled to be able to wish this to you after the turmoil of the COVID pandemic. As a business we were able to strengthen the reliability of our service that we provide as well as the quality of our communications we have with you, our customer. We […]

How Often Should You Replace Your Draft Beer Lines?

POSTED ON December 28th  - POSTED IN Blog
Maintaining a bar takes dedication and attention to detail, especially to cleaning. A regularly scheduled line cleaning program will involve replacing draft beer lines every year. Bar owners will know that it’s time to replace draft beer lines when they see discoloring lines, with small spots of beer stone inside.  

Benefits of Using Manual Dishwashing For Beer Glasses

POSTED ON December 13th  - POSTED IN Blog
Remember the show “Cheers”? The bartender wipes each glass with a bar towel, leading us to believe that’s how beer glasses are supposed to be cleaned. But, this is wrong. Mostly because of the dirt and grime that gathers on the towel after wiping down the bar top transfers to the beer glass.