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Draft Beer System

Draft beer system for restaurant
beer draft system for restaurant

About Draft Beer Systems

Glacier Design Systems creates custom draft beer systems for a variety of beer and wine dispensing environments according to the vision and expectations of each unique client. Our team installs systems in restaurants, large stadiums, and even homes. Each set has specific size limits and requires careful planning. Regardless of your space layout or design preferences, we have the tools, equipment, and experience to far exceed your custom draft beer system expectations.

custom draft tower for restaurant

What is a draft beer system?

A draft beverage dispense system for restaurants is also referred to as a direct draw beer dispenser, which is a system that allows bars to pour fresh pints of beer directly from a keg. Compared to larger and longer draw systems, direct draw systems are simple and cost-effective, especially for locations with limited space and where beer isn’t the only type of beverage being offered.

For bars offering dozens of beers on tap, such as breweries and craft beer bars, a larger tap dispenser is a much better option. However, the draft beer system will need to be customized and retrofitted to meet the space requirements and budget limits of the units. This type of system is best for establishments where beer is the main product.

Most restaurants and bars are equipped with a draft beer dispenser because they offer a few select beer options on draft and also keep a bottle cooler or back bar refrigerator to store a more diverse assortment of alcoholic beverages.

Types of draft beverage equipment we do!

Our team creates and installs custom draft beer equipment, cocktails on tap, wine on tap, nitro cold brew on tap, and other specialty equipment for breweries and restaurants. We begin every project with a consultation to learn about the client’s:

  • Business goals relating to alcoholic beverages
  • Space features and limitations
  • Design preferences
  • Previous experience with draft beer equipment
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Other preferences

Regardless of which type of system the client needs, our team can design it, build it, and install it!

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