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Cocktail-on-tap systems have revolutionized how we enjoy cocktails. With the increasing popularity of craft cocktails, the demand for efficiency and consistency has never been higher. By reducing the time it takes to prepare a drink, bartenders can focus their attention on the customer experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction. These systems also help to eliminate waste from overpouring the alcohol used for the drink or spillage, ensuring that every drink is perfect. Read on to learn why you should consider a cocktails-on-tap system installation from Glacier Design Systems.

What is a cocktails-on-tap system?

Cocktails-on-tap systems are revolutionizing the way bars and restaurants serve their customers. Designed to streamline the cocktail-making process, these systems utilize a blend of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to dispense perfectly carbonated drinks every time. What’s more, bartenders can get creative with the types of cocktails they offer, providing customers with a diverse range of alcoholic beverages to choose from.

These pre-mixed cocktails are perfect for those who want to save time, ensuring that their drink orders are fulfilled quickly and efficiently. Rest assured that with cocktails-on-tap, bars will be able to serve their patrons high-quality drinks that won’t disappoint. From classic cocktails like martinis and Manhattans to more complex drinks like margaritas and daiquiris, your opportunities for cocktail offerings are limitless.

How does a cocktails-on-tap system work?

A cocktails-on-tap system works by storing pre-mixed cocktails in kegs that are hooked up to a nitrogen and carbon dioxide system. The gases provide the pressure needed to dispense the cocktail from the tap while also preserving the flavor and carbonation of the cocktail.

If you’re wondering how pre-mixed cocktails maintain a perfect blend of flavors without separating or settling, the answer lies within our system. We place your keg full of the cocktail batch on a blendor that rotates the mixture constantly. This ensures that each customer receives the full flavor profile with each pour. Simply fill the tank with your batch recipe, place it on the motor base, and let the gentle vortex do the rest.

When a customer orders a cocktail, the bartender pulls the tap handle, and the pre-mixed cocktail is dispensed into the glass. This process is much faster than making a cocktail from scratch, as the bartender does not have to measure and mix the ingredients in the moment, and the customer does not have to wait as long for their drink.

Cocktails on Tap

What are the benefits of a cocktails-on-tap system?

First, they save time. A cocktails-on-tap system allows for faster service without sacrificing quality. With the ability to whip up a cocktail in a matter of seconds, bartenders can focus on other aspects of their craft while ensuring their guests are satisfied. This is especially important during peak hours when every minute spent making a drink is one less minute spent serving customers.

Second, a cocktails-on-tap system provides consistency in every pour. With pre-mixed cocktails, customers are guaranteed to experience the same great flavors and quality every time they return. Such consistency fosters customer loyalty and trust in the brand, ensuring they never have to worry about a subpar drink. Additionally, bartenders can focus on personalizing the drinking experience with unique garnishes and accessories without having to worry about measurements or ratios.

Third, a cocktails-on-tap system can bring in higher profits. All of these time-saving perks to cocktails-on-tap directly reduces labor costs. Not only that but by purchasing ingredients in bulk and using them to make multiple batches of cocktails, business owners can reduce the overall cost per drink.

Finally, a cocktails-on-tap system can help to reduce waste. Since the cocktails are pre-mixed and dispensed from kegs, there is no need for individual ingredients to be opened and measured for each drink. This can help to reduce the number of unused ingredients that are often left over at the end of the night, reducing waste and saving even more money.

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When it comes to modernizing your bar or restaurant’s cocktail service, cocktails-on-tap systems are the way of the future. The benefits of these systems over traditional cocktail service are clear: added profits, time savings, consistency, and reduced waste.

With a cocktails-on-tap system, bartenders can quickly and accurately dispense a perfectly mixed cocktail every time, saving precious minutes during those high-volume hours. Furthermore, these systems eliminate the need to prep individual ingredients, reducing waste and helping to ensure that each cocktail is served at the same quality.

If you are looking to streamline your cocktail service and elevate your guests’ experience, a cocktails-on-tap system is an investment from Glacier worth considering.

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