Bar Tap System Repair and Maintenance

Other common requests our team is trained to address include:

  • System modifications and additions (for example, adding kegs)
  • Troubleshooting and analysis
  • Cleaning, replacing, and repairing draft beer system components
  • Pressure system repair and maintenance
  • Clients can minimize the risk of developing issues with their draft beverage dispense system by scheduling routine preventative maintenance. Our technicians are trained to spot the earliest signs of a potential problem, and they take steps to correct it before it becomes a serious issue. The most important thing is to be proactive with maintenance. This way, you’ll avoid expensive emergencies that could result in lost sales and customers.

Why Choose Glacier Design Systems

Glacier Design Systems has been Orange County’s most trusted name in draft beverage and draft beer systems for over 23 years! Located in Huntington Beach, CA, our company also services restaurants and bars all over the country.