Frozen Drink Machines


Frozen Drink Machines are Hot Items

The convenience of having frozen drink machines at your fingertips is a blessing for many. Whether you love the taste of a frosty slushy, frozen margarita, or traditional Italian Ice, these machines provide an easy and fun way to satisfy your cravings. Just a few button presses and you can have your favorite treat in minutes. From refreshing flavors to creamy delights, a frozen drink machine can open up a world of delicious possibilities for your restaurant and bar.

Frozen drink machines are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of operation and aesthetically pleasing design. In addition, these machines are manufactured to be safe and secure for customers. Because frozen drink machines are generally sold to certified instructors and educators, they are a growing business trend for their convenience, aesthetic appeal, and safety features.

With advancements in frozen drink machine technology, these machines are becoming more accessible and often more affordable. Frozen drink machines make a great addition to any party, business, restaurant, or bar due to their sleek design and ease of operation. Frozen drinks made from these machines retain more flavor and texture than traditional bars that serve from a blender. Additionally, frozen drink machines are safer for operations as they are less likely to be contaminated than traditional manual blenders. This makes them a great option for anyone looking for a convenient and economical way to add variety to their gatherings.

Frozen Drink Machines In the Summer

Frose, Margaritas, Bushwackers, spiked milkshakes, and more are hot items, especially in the heat of the summer months! Frozen drink machines are a great way to enjoy a cool, refreshing frozen beverage during summertime. These machines are extremely versatile and can work with any number of frozen drinks, from slushies and smoothies to shakes and frappes. Additionally, frozen drink machines come in many sizes and configurations to suit the needs of different businesses and venues. Despite their cost, frozen drink machines provide an invaluable service for businesses and consumers alike, enriching the experiences of everybody!

The Right Job Every Time

Our frozen drink machines will do the job right every time. Unlike clear bowl granita machines, our frozen drink machines freeze down in 6-12 minutes.

Ask us about our state-of-the-art frozen drink machines if you want to make milkshakes, frozen cocktails, slushies, or frozen margaritas. Our frozen drink machines freeze down in 6-12 minutes, depending on the model, and produce a minimum of 5 gallons per hour up to 30 gallons per hour, continuously. Just pour more of your favorite pre-mixed beverage into the hoppers when the low-level indicator light goes on!

Our machines include refrigerated hopper cooling and standby mode. A hopper agitator periodically mixes the product stored in the refrigerated hopper to keep the product evenly cooled and avoid ice buildup around hopper walls.

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