Why Wine on Tap Is Great.

At their best, wine-on-tap systems are fresh and bright and can be enjoyed in the same condition as when they were kegged. We are also selling these to restaurants who serve mimosas for brunch as it increases speed of service.
Consistent quality and freshness aren’t the only reason to switch to a wine on tap system. Two most compelling reasons are profitability and the sustainability aspect that defines the age in which we live.

Most wine bottles are thrown away or recycled, and along with them items like labels, cases for delivery, and the cork. So, if a 20-liter keg replaces 26.67 bottles of wine, the demand for those materials is reduced, too. The steel keg can be reused thousands of times.

Once tapped, the wine stays fresh for up to three months. In addition, it costs less to pour the same amount of wine so profits are higher at the retail level.

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