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Why Wine on Tap Is Great.

Wine-on-tap systems offer many improvements for bars and restaurants. This modern wine dispensing method provides several benefits that bottled wine can’t compete with.

Wine tap systems deliver a flawlessly poured glass of wine, maintaining its condition from the time of kegging. These systems are now gracing brunch tables, too. You can serve sparkling wine and mimosas faster than ever, all thanks to the expedited service of a wine dispenser. And we all know that faster service means more revenues!

The benefits of wine on tap do not end with impeccable quality and freshness. With a wine dispenser, you can experience higher profits through cost of goods purchased, less waste that occurs once a bottle of wine is opened and then sits on the shelf going bad, and quicker service that gets slowed down by uncorking bottles. Your customers will also appreciate the efforts to decrease your carbon footprint by ditching wine bottles.

Throwing away or recycling wine bottles, their labels, cases, and corks contributes to waste or recycling streams. The 20-liter keg replaces a staggering 26 bottles of wine while reducing the need for those added materials. Steel kegs get reused thousands of times, making wine on tap a much more environmentally friendly choice.

Kegged wines stay fresh for up to three months. A wine kegerator helps preserve the wine so your customers can experience a delicious glass every time. In addition, it costs less to pour the same amount of wine as you would from bottles. This maximizes profits at the retail level.

While some may believe wine dispensers limit choice, these setups actually offer a diverse selection of wines. From rich reds to crisp whites and even rosés, the wine-on-tap system caters to a broad spectrum of palates. This opens new avenues for wine enthusiasts to explore different varieties, regions, and styles without committing to an entire bottle.

Bottled wines may taste differently from bottle to bottle. Kegged wine ensures consistency in every pour, with each glass served at the perfect temperature and under the same conditions. If a customer orders another glass, you can guarantee the second will taste just as great as the first.

There are several reasons why wine dispensers are a great choice for bars and restaurants. To learn more about wine taps or receive a quote, contact us below.

wine on tap systems

FAQs About Wine On Tap

How does a wine-on-tap system work?
These systems store wine in pressurized kegs to prevent oxidation. The pressure forces the wine out of the keg and through the tap when poured. This helps maintain the wine’s freshness.

Is there a difference in the taste of wine from a tap system compared to bottled wine?
When properly maintained, wine from a tap system should taste as good as or even better than bottled wine. The pressurized keg maintains the wine’s freshness, aroma, and flavor by preventing exposure to oxygen.

Can wine dispensers serve any type of wine?
Wine-on-tap systems serve still wines well, like reds, whites or roses.

How do you clean and maintain a wine-on-tap system?
To clean a wine dispenser, you should also make sure the gas lines are free of contaminants. Our experts can help you with your questions on how to exactly handle cleaning this equipment.

Are there different sizes of wine kegs for these systems?
Yes, wine kegs come in various sizes, typically ranging from 5 to 20 liters or more. Choose a keg size depending on the volume of wine you intend to serve. Keep the available space for keg storage in mind, as well.

How do wine-on-tap systems impact the wine’s temperature?
Wine-on-tap systems often have temperature control mechanisms. This feature guarantees the showcasing of the carrying wine flavors and aromas to their fullest potential.

Can I install a wine-on-tap system in my home?
Yes, you can install wine-on-tap systems in your home. You should think about the available space for a wine dispenser among other factors. Contact us to see if a wine dispenser could work in your home.

What is the initial investment required for a wine-on-tap system?
The cost of wine tap systems varies. The size of the system, the number of taps, and any custom features will affect the price. While there’s an initial investment, businesses often find that the long-term cost savings outweigh the upfront expenses.

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