Serving Draft Cocktails: Benefits and Equipment

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The trend of serving draft cocktails has gained significant traction in recent years, with businesses everywhere now going beyond traditional kegged drinks to serve up classic cocktail favorites on tap. For those of us in the beverage equipment industry, this trend isn’t surprising at all. Kegged drinks are known to stay fresher longer, promote faster service and have a higher ROI, making them a serious advantage to any bar or restaurant.

If you’ve never tried a draft cocktail or haven’t adopted these innovative pieces of equipment at your bar, you may be curious if all the hype is justified. As leading providers of beverage dispensing equipment, the Glacier team is here to highlight all the benefits that cocktails on tap bring to both businesses and their patrons, and how to get started making draft cocktails at your business.

Benefits of Serving Draft Cocktails

In a busy bar or restaurant, there isn’t much time for error. Your bartenders and staff must do everything they can to provide fast service and perfectly mixed drinks to keep customers happy and ordering more. Fortunately, draft cocktails offer several benefits for busy businesses that help improve speed, customer satisfaction and even profits.

Consistency is Key:

  • Draft cocktails ensure a perfect pour every time, offering a consistent and high-quality drinking experience.
  • High-volume batches can be made, making service even faster.

Sampling Made Easy:

  • Kegged cocktails allow for easy sampling of different drinks, allowing customers to try new drinks easily.
  • Guests can explore a variety of cocktails without committing to a full serving.

Reduced Waste:

  • Draft cocktails are measured precisely, eliminating the risk of improper pours and wasted ingredients.
  • In a fast-paced environment, this results in higher service efficiency and a higher ROI due to less drink waste.
  • Kegged cocktails stay fresher longer, reducing waste further.

Pressure-Free Bartending:

  • Kegged cocktails alleviate the stress of crowded bars, enabling bartenders to serve drinks quickly without the need for extensive preparation.
  • Fresh ingredients and tools are readily available, making preparation time much faster for staff.

Perks for Patrons Enjoying Draft Cocktails

The benefits of draft cocktails don’t end with business owners and bartenders. Customers can benefit too, by getting faster service, easier sampling and more.

Convenience Matters:

  • Guests enjoy instant access to their desired cocktails without waiting for bartenders to mix drinks individually.
  • The convenience factor enhances the overall customer experience.

Cost-Effective Sampling:

  • Draft cocktails allow customers to sample drinks before committing to a full serving, preventing wastage and promoting cost-effective choices.
  • The higher ROI leads to bars offering draft cocktails at competitive prices.

Consistent Taste:

  • Unlike individually mixed cocktails, draft cocktails ensure consistent taste with every pour, avoiding the risk of inconsistent measurements and a bad drink.

Essential Equipment for Draft Cocktails

If you’re considering offering cocktails on tap at your bar, you’re going to need some new equipment. Fortunately, draft cocktail systems are incredibly easy to operate once installed, and there are only a few essential pieces of equipment needed.

Beverage Tank:
A reliable system for mixing, storing, and dispensing cocktails is crucial. Look for self-propelled magnetic mixing bases and NSF-certified stainless steel beverage tanks.

Choose from a wide range of couplers to effectively push gas into the tank and dispense cocktails.

Measuring Tools:
Large measuring cups and scales help ensure precise measurements for consistent batch cocktails.

Opt for quality tubing to prevent CO2 loss and maintain drink freshness.

If you have any questions about which brands to choose or any additional equipment you may need, check out our guide to cocktails on tap here.

Classic Cocktail Recipes for Draft

To get you started, we are providing some classic batch cocktail recipes that are perfect for cocktails on tap. These recipes can be adjusted to taste, so make sure to sample each before serving to customers!

Moscow Mule:
Ingredients: Vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, water. Serve on the rocks with mint leaves and a lime wedge.

Ingredients: Reposado Tequila, Agave Syrup, orange juice, lime juice, filtered water. Serve over ice with a salt rim and lime wedge.

Ingredients: Whiskey, Campari, Amaro Montenegro, filtered water. Top with bitters and garnish with expressed grapefruit peel.

For more draft cocktail inspiration, check out our blog on recipes for cocktails on tap.

Give Your Business the Benefits of Serving Draft Cocktails

Serving cocktails on tap is a game-changer for both business owners and their patrons. The benefits of consistency, convenience and cost-effectiveness make draft cocktails a valuable addition to any beverage lineup. With the right equipment and regular cleaning, businesses can elevate their cocktail offerings and provide faster service and better quality drinks for their customers.

If you’re ready to add draft cocktails to your menu, the Glacier team is here to help. We can help you by providing all the necessary equipment to get started as well as tips and tricks on mastering a perfect draft cocktail recipe. We also provide regular line cleaning service to ensure your systems are in optimal condition, serving delicious cocktails with each pour. Call us to get started, and cheers to mastering the art of draft cocktails!

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