What’s this pink fluff in my beer?! Top 10 exotic beers you can find in South Korea

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Leave it to the Koreans to come up with innovative and sometimes bizarre food and beverage combinations. Have you tried the whipped cream and beer combination that we introduced previously? If that hit the spot for you, there’s more where that came from, so read on and find your next drinking experiment!

Small-scale beer establishments have been all the rage in Korea as of late. These beer joints generally serve a variety of good quality beers and mouth-watering finger food at insanely affordable prices; you can literally get a glass of draft for the price of a cup of coffee or less. The economical prices definitely play a big part in bringing in the crowd, but working hand in hand with that is the creativity these “small beer” outlets show in their menus that have gotten young Koreans hooked on beer garden hopping.

Korea-based info-guide 명품 유용 정보 on Facebook shares their top ten exotic beer finds in the capital of South Korea, Seoul!

1. Cotton candy beer from Bonggu Beer (봉구비어) – 4,000 won (US$3.65)

2. Strawberry beer from Sugata Mori (스가타모리) – 9,000 won ($8.20)

3. Cookie beer from Romance Salon (낭만싸롱) – 4,000 won ($3.65)

4. Fresh cream beer from Chir Beer 369 (치르비어369) – 3,600 won ($3.30)

5. Grapefruit slushie beer from Chunja Beer (춘자비어) – 4,500 won ($4.10)

6. Butter beer from HelloHellossul (헬로헬로쑬) – 7,000 won ($6.40)

7. Mojito beer from Romance Salon (낭만싸롱) – 6,000 won ($5.50)

8. Watermelon beer from American Smell (아메리칸스멜) – 7,500 won ($6.85)

9. Military canteen beer from Flying Chicken (닭날다) – 4,000 won ($3.65)

10. Frozen beer with honey from Geondae 3-70 Beonji (건대3-70번지) – 4,500 won ($4.10)



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Source/Images: Facebook (명품 유용 정보) via Zhaizhai News

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