Through The Wall Beer Tap System


An example of a wall-mounted beer tap

If you’re a bar or restaurant owner, you know that providing a high-quality beer experience is essential to keeping customers happy and coming back for more. One way to ensure that you’re delivering top-notch beer is by installing a commercial through the wall beer tap system. Glacier is a top provider of these innovative beverage systems, offering installation and maintenance services to ensure your establishment has the best possible beer service.

What are through-the-wall beer tap systems?

A commercial through-the-wall beer tap is a beer dispensing system that is mounted through a wall, typically in a bar or restaurant. By utilizing a dispensing system that is located behind the wall (generally in a walk-in cooler), these taps allow for a more streamlined and efficient operation. With these dispensing systems, the bartender can seamlessly pour a cold pint from a cooler located behind the wall, reducing the need for bulky refrigeration units on the floor. Additionally, by maintaining a more consistent temperature, wall-mounted beer tap systems ensure that each pour is as fresh and crisp as the last.

How do these beer tap systems work?

The system typically consists of a refrigerated walk-in cooler that houses the kegs of beer, as well as the tap lines that run through the wall to the bar area. The cooler is designed to maintain a constant temperature, typically around 38 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for most beers. When a customer orders a beer, the bartender simply pulls the tap handle, and the beer is dispensed from the kegs through the lines to the tap and into the glass.

Why are through wall beer tap systems a great investment?

There are several benefits to installing a commercial through wall beer tap system in your establishment.

First, these beer tap systems offer a more consistent and efficient beer service. The experience of enjoying refreshing beer can be ruined by a poor pour. Uneven carbonation, for example, can negatively impact the taste and quality of your drink. That’s where through the wall beer taps come in. By storing the kegs behind the wall, these systems ensure that the beer is kept at the perfect carbonation level, resulting in a consistent and high-quality pour every time.

Second, they can bring in additional sales. A commercial thru wall-mounted beer tap system also ensures that your beer is served at the optimal temperature, which can greatly enhance the flavor and overall experience for your customers. It also allows you to serve multiple types of beer at once, which can help you appeal to a wider range of customers. The ability to offer more beverages, all at the perfect temperatures, can directly lead to more sales and returning customers.

Finally, a through-the-wall beer tap system can save money. These systems allow for the beer to be stored in a separate location and streamlined directly into customers’ glasses. That eliminates the storage concerns, daily labor costs, and time spent finagling with equipment at the bar. By implementing wall-mounted beer taps, businesses can cut costs and raise profits.

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As the owner of a bar or restaurant, you understand the importance of providing high-quality beer to your customers. One way to ensure consistency and efficiency in your beer service is by investing in a wall-mounted beer tap system. These systems not only allow you to save space in your establishment but also offer reduced wastage of beer.

You can trust these systems to provide the perfect pour every time, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business. A through the wall beer tap is a smart investment for any bar or restaurant looking to enhance its beer service and provide a top-notch experience to its patrons. Glacier Design Systems is here to assist, from the installation to the regular maintenance of these investments.

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