(VIDEO) Take a Look at the Draught Beer System We Installed for Thirsty Cow Korean BBQ

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At Glacier Design Systems, we understand how important it is to have a high quality, well-equipped draught beer system on hand for any restaurant owner. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide quality, innovative draught beer equipment, systems and services to our clients.


Whether you’re in need of a standard part for your current system or are looking for a new, customized draught beer system, we can assist you from beginning to end.

We recently worked with Josh Kim, owner of Thirsty Cow Korean BBQ, to install a custom beer tower in his restaurant. Thirsty Cow Korean BBQ prides itself on using tasty, quality meats in all its dishes. Some of their most popular items include their brisket and rib eye meals. Their food is delicious, but Josh was in need of a beer system that could match their quality and design. That’s when he reached out to Glacier Design Systems.

After talking to Josh and getting a better understanding of what the restaurant’s vision for the beer system was, we got to work; crafting the perfect system for Thirsty Cow Korean BBQ. We ended up installing a beautiful beer tower, with ten beers and two wines on tap. The system itself works perfectly to fit their requested needs. Josh even mentioned how impressed he was with our work.

“Glacier totally stepped up and finished the whole design and installation on budget and on time,” said Josh. “I couldn’t be more excited about it.”

Along with the system’s functionality, Josh let us know that our level of customer service was unlike anything he’s seen before. “I highly recommend Glacier Design Systems to anyone I know. Their level of service, communication, and quality of the product is just phenomenal,” said Josh.

Glacier Design Systems was happy to help Josh and the rest of the team at Thirsty Cow Korean BBQ by installing one of our quality draught beer systems. If you’re interested in installing a draught beer system in your restaurant, contact us today at 877-617-BEER (2337).

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