(VIDEO) Look at Our Latest Beer System Installation for Kensington Brewing Company

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When Kensington Brewery decided to relocate to the bustling street of Adams Avenue in San Diego, California, they wanted to do so with a statement. The company wished to open a tasting room that boasted its old-world beers. So, when it came time to install a custom draught beer system, Zach Knipe, Founder, and Co-Owner of Kensington Brewery, turned to Glacier Design Systems for help.


Before expanding and opening the tasting room, Zach Knipe worked with a production brewer to develop their full palate of beer flavors/tastes and our team at Glacier Design Systems to install their draught beer system. Today, Knipe spearheads Kensington Brewery’s operations, bringing San Diego in touch with old-world style beer recipes developed in the United Kingdom. Now, you can visit them and their exquisite tasting room on Adams Avenue.

A visit to Kensington Brewery doesn’t just give you a great beer – it gives you an experience. The new tasting room has been around for a few months and has sailed smoothly since its launch. Kensington partnered with Glacier to ensure that launch day would be the perfect step forward in the store’s opening. “Glacier helped us with all of our tap installations, running all of our trunk lines and getting our systems dialed in so that our beer was the best it could be when serving it to our customers”, said Knipe.

Not only is Glacier Design Systems committed to the highest quality of setups, but we are also dedicated to making your bar or tasting room look its best, too. “The look, as well as the actual production of the system itself, has been great,” said Knipe. “Everyone loves it and we are really happy with the end result.”

Knipe went on to say that the complete scope of the project was delivered in a timely manner and there were no omissions. “Glacier had everything they needed for installation and the work was complete when they said it would be. We have no complaints!”

Glacier Design Systems is dedicated to helping your business be the best that it can be. Our team is eager to partner alongside you. But don’t just take our word for it! As Knipe said, “Kensington Brewery highly recommends Glacier Design to anyone looking to install complicated or simple tap systems for their tasting rooms or bars.”

To learn more about our installations and draught beer systems, contact us today!

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