(VIDEO) Check Out the Draught Beer Systems we Installed at Pizza Press Locations

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Any restaurant that sells beer and wine can tell you how important is it to have a quality draught system on hand. For The Pizza Press, that is especially true. The fast-growing pizza restaurant chain got their start in Southern California and have become a huge success across the country. Aside from their expertise in crafting custom, handmade 10-inch personal pizzas, there’s another thing they know plenty about: nothing goes better with pizza than a pint of beer or a glass of wine.


The restaurant has a draught lineup of craft beers and special brews available for its customers. They want their restaurants to be fun hangouts and therefore needed a custom draught beer system that would accommodate the wants and needs of their customers.

That’s why the Pizza Press hired Glacier Design Systems to design and install draught beer systems at their Orange County locations. At each restaurant, we set up a custom system to provide efficient pouring of craft beer and wine.

In the video above, Jimmy Bach, the General Manager of The Pizza Press, describes how impressed he was with his experience with Glacier Design Systems.

“Customer service is phenomenal with Glacier Design Systems,” said Bach. “They are not only very helpful, but they are extremely knowledgeable as well. They’ve been around the block and do a great job of explaining what they’re doing.”

Speaking of customer service, Bach had more to add about the quick service response from Glacier Design Systems. “Glacier has always had a very quick response time,” he said. “They either answer right away or they call us back within 30 minutes. They are very intuitive. They’re very thorough as far as what needs to get done.”

At Glacier Design Systems, we take a great deal of pride in our approach to customer service. From design concept to installation to service and repair, we always want our customers to know we are available and ready to help with whatever they need.

“I highly recommend Glacier Design Systems for any restaurant or bar, whether big or small,” Bach said. “Their draught system is phenomenal, their customer service is exceptional, and I love working with them.”

To learn more about Glacier Design Systems, contact us today.

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