The Importance Of Temperature And Gas In A Draft Beer System

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The two most important parts of a draft beer system are refrigeration and gas. While it may be easy to guess what role refrigeration plays in a draft beer system, most customers don’t know why they need gas.

The Role of Gas in a Draft Beer System

Gas in a draft beer system ensures the flavors and pouring mechanisms are meeting the brew master’s standards. The design of the gas system will depend on the types of beer being served and the overall concept of the draft beer system. Each situation is unique and requires customization because there isn’t a one size fits all solution. At Glacier Design Systems, we often work with partners in the gas dispensing industry to identify the right approach for each client.

The Cooling System

The cooling system helps maintain the beer at a consistent temperature, from the cooler to the faucet. The cooling system also determines how much gas is absorbed by the beer. The higher the temperature, the more CO2 escapes from the beer, creating extra foam. On the other hand, low temperatures help prevent foaming. For bar owners, excessive foam is the same as pouring profits down the drain — customers don’t like it and it delays service. This is why maintaining the right temperature is crucial for serving beer.

How We Design Cooling Systems

At Glacier Design Systems, we take into consideration the customer’s budget and the size and configuration of the bar before suggesting a cooling unit. The two cooling options are glycol cooled and air-cooled. Long-draw draft systems that run longer than 25 feet require glycol cooled draft systems and use a glycol power pack to push a coolant through lines that are bundled with beer lines to keep them cool. Long-draw commercial draft beer systems that travel less than 25 feet from the keg to the tap are typically well-served by an air-cooled draft system.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts with any questions you may have about installing a draft beer system. You can count on us for personalized service and design!

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