The Glacier Gazette for November, 2021!

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A Memo From Management…

This November many of us will reflect on who and what we are thankful for and express gratitude towards those responsible for the good in our lives. Our jobs are likely to make our lists, but it can be difficult to remember to express gratitude at work.

Studies reveal sincere gratitude increases happiness and enthusiasm, decreases stress and anxiety, promotes better sleep, and strengthens relationships. These benefits translate to the workplace as increases in job satisfaction, productivity, engagement, retention, and trust among coworkers. Practicing gratitude has also been shown to improve resilience, a trait we all probably need after this challenging year and a half. The benefits are significant and require almost no cost. So how do we create a culture of gratitude in the workplace? Here are some ideas to begin:

  • Encourage your management team to lead by example
  • Recognize employees who go out of their way for their coworkers
  • Connect employees with the impact of their work by sharing customer compliments
  • Provide employees with printouts or thank you cards to give to their colleagues
  • Create a shared gratitude journal or bulletin board where employees can shout out to their peers or document what they are grateful for
  • Prioritize sincere, detailed expressions of thanks over a flurry of generic appreciation.

Thank you for your business and continued engagement,

Ashley Malavar

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