The Glacier Gazette! September, 2021

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A Memo From Management…

Are you ready for some football? I personally look forward every year to spring training for baseball and late summer when training camp starts for football. Each year teams look to improve from their previous season and make changes wherever possible to achieve their ultimate goal of a championship. Here at Glacier Design Systems we are of the same mindset and always trying to improve and make ourselves better so that we can help each of our customers with their draft systems.

If you have not put any recent time into looking at refreshing your draft system or had someone out to service it in the last year it’s time to give the experts a call. We will come out to your location and give you a free estimate on what it would take to get your system into tip-top shape or have our service department come and inspect your system from head to toe with our 33 point inspection checklist. Get your team ready to perform at their best and maximize your profits across the board.

Corey Mergen

Director of Sales

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