The Glacier Gazette For January 2022

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Happy New Year! We are thrilled to be able to wish this to you after the turmoil of the COVID pandemic. As a business we were able to strengthen the reliability of our service that we provide as well as the quality of our communications we have with you, our customer. We have seen how all aspects of operations have had to become increasingly flexible, and appreciate that you are trusting us as an integral partner to your operation.

So, on to 2022. No one still really knows what to expect, but we are particularly bullish on our business and industry. After all of the challenges our industry has faced, there is now a great deal of investment money coming into it. Technologies will reshape how restaurant operators will run their day-to-day businesses. We are seeing smaller restaurant groups become larger regional and national businesses. In the beer world, there has been a strong net growth in breweries, and we are seeing real strength within the brewer segment of our industry.

We are extremely proud of our dedicated staff. They have had to roll with many changes, and it’s been amazing to see how everyone here has just pitched in to keep meeting our obligations to our customers. We greatly care and appreciate all of you as a valued customer, and we wish you nothing but much prosperity in the upcoming year.

Happy New Year from all of us at Glacier Design Systems!

Download our complete Glacier Gazette for January 2022 here!

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