• Everyone has been so impressed with the frosted cobra heads on the beer system and have given us multiple compliments on their design. Our partnership with Glacier is key. I like for my business to wow our customers – and Glacier helps me do it.

    Phil Pace

    Owner / Phil’s BBQ
  • thirsty-cow

    Glacier totally stepped up and finished the whole design and installation on budget and on time. I couldn’t be more excited about it. I highly recommend Glacier Design Systems to anyone I know. Their level of service, communication, and quality of the product is just phenomenal.

    Josh Kim

    Owner / Thirsty Cow
  • What I liked about Glacier was that from start to finish, their team never dropped the ball. They were able to tackle the job, create my vision and produce a wonderful beer system that my customers love.

    Alan Paulson

    Owner / Tomkat Lounge
  • I would definitely recommend Glacier Design Systems to any restaurant that is in need of a beer system. They are the experts in beer system installation and their work speaks for itself – our stunning beer tap system produces nice, cold beers and we’ve had absolutely no problems. I look forward to using Glacier in the future!

    Steve Melillo

    Owner / On The Rocks Bar & Grill
  • Glacier Design Systems customer service is superior to their competition because of the personal attention that they give each customer. On top of that, they actually help you when you call with a question. If we ever need assistance with our beer system, I’m happy that I have Glacier Design Systems helping me over any other company.

    Dustin Seavey

    General Manager / Surly Goat
  • Everyone’s got a beer system. But what makes one above the other is really the design of it, how you maintain it and how you service it. I think Glacier is incredible and really differentiates themselves from other vendors that way.

    John Sola

    Public School 818
  • What makes Glacier so special is their ability to deliver a quality product. I loved how personable and readily available their staff was to help with whatever we needed.

    Mark Matters

    HQ Gastropub
  • We told the folks at Glacier to build us your ultimate system, and they did. We’ve been very pleased with the response from our guests.

    Bill Vivian

    Co-Owner / Regents Pizzeria
  • “Glacier’s work was thorough and specific. Exactly what we need and how we needed it. Our taps are beautiful, unique and protected. We couldn’t have asked for a better company to help with the full installation, and know if there are any future expansions, Glacier will be the company to call!

    Sean Hale

    General Manager / Barrel Republic
  • We couldn’t be more pleased with Glacier’s work. Our tap system is one-of-a-kind, and we would not have been able to accomplish everything we wanted without the help of Glacier Design Systems!

    Steve Durler

    VP of Development & Facilities / Slater’s 50/50
  • We’re thrilled with the design. We love that the taps only take up a small area and—even better—it makes for a great backdrop to the bar! I don’t know anybody else who does what they do!

    Dave Donaldson

    Director of Operations / BXCR Wine Bar
  • steam-haus-300x111

    I have had Worthington’s for 12 years and decided to open Steam Haus Gastropub. When I opened Steam Haus I purchased a glycol system from a west coast beverage company. I contacted them because they had built the original system that was in the restaurant and had purchased it back when the business had gone under. I asked them if it was a good system and as they yes so I decided to purchase it and have it reinstalled. Neither system was running right and I had to keep calling west coast, they would bill me for service calls yet nothing was changing in the way that the systems were running.

    When I was just about at my Wits end, I arrived at Steam Haus after leaving Worthington’s & dealing with the glycol issues. I walked into the restaurant and the Glacier technician walked out of my kitchen and said, “I see your having some issues with your glycol unit. If you have a moment I can walk you through some of the issues.” Within 5 minutes he told me what all the concerns were and he temporarily fixed one of the issues and told me how I could fully resolve the problem. I agreed to his solutions and told him about my other glycol system. He went straight over there, fixed the issue and within 3 hours I had beer pouring out of that system for the first time on a regular basis, instead of foam waterfalls, and the next day he had everything working properly at Steam Haus as well. He worked with all of my employees to tell them things to look out for, and assured us that at anytime of the day or night “Glacier Design Systems, Inc.” would respond to service calls, though I haven’t seen the need for one yet. :) the Glacier technician also got my managers phone numbers and called them periodically to make sure that everything was running right until they felt confident with the new system. Glacier is responsible, punctual, professional, and has a vast amount of knowledge on the glycol systems and in trouble shooting issues. So today I wanted to take a moment to thank the Glacier Design Systems, Inc. for all you have done.

    Shelby Worthington

    Owner of Worthington’s Tavern and Steam Haus Gastropub
  • ball-and-chain

    This is my third project with Team – Glacier Design Systems, Inc and at every location they continued to amaze me with their creative draft beer system design. At Ball & Chain we needed GDS to create a “Wow” factor draft beer tower and they came through with flying colors. Their level of professionalism is unmatched by all the other companies that service the S. CA Areas. In my book you would be crazy to talk with anyone else but Glacier Design Systems, Inc. When it is time for service their 24/7 team is right there for us, day/night or weekend –incredible!

    Marc Kreiner

    Owner of Ball & Chain
  • smithhouse

    We are so grateful to have contracted Glacier Design Systems. Our restaurant was previously being serviced by one of their competitors, who left us with improper maintenance, missed appointments, and incorrect information. The team at Glacier have been amazing. They did an in depth walk through of our our entire system and was quickly able to identify the source of many of our issues. He helped the management team come up with a service plan that will result in a serious improvement to the quality of our brews, as well as improve our pour cost. The expertise, guidance, and attention to detail demonstrated by all of the Glacier employees we have dealt with, is truly impressive. They are working diligently to correct the previous vendors errors and are committed to getting our beer system running as it should. Thank you Glacier!

    Amanda Creighton

    General Manager / SmithHouse Tap and Grill
  • ba

    MBA and Scott/Glacier Design Systems Inc. have been doing business together for many years. MBA uses hundreds of vendors and Glacier Design Systems, Inc. is within the top 5 best without question.  Every staff member is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and hard working. If you’re a dealer or consultant you must have them as a regular vendor. If you’re an end user, you must demand your consultant/dealer specify Glacier Design System, Inc’s products and services.

    Ryan Blackman

    Owner of Michael Blackman & Associates:
  • matchbox-300x65

    Thanks so much … it seems when the bartender was working the FOB he did close the gas. You need to come in and have a pizza and beer on me for the amazing service!! Have a great holiday!

    Redd Wilx

    General Manager at Matchbox in Palm Springs:
  • daily-grill-logo

    When Grill Concepts developed its new concept, PUBLIC SCHOOL-An Education in the Art of Food and Beer, we went out to solicit vendors with the best expertise in their field. We were introduced to Glacier Design Systems, Inc. and it didn’t take long to recognize they were the best in the field.

    We did our first Public School in Downtown Los Angeles, and it was not only an immediate success, but also everything Glacier Design Systems, Inc. said they would do, they did. Glacier Design Systems, Inc. coordinated with our general contractor before installation, during installation and has made sure the system continues to operate 100%.

    We are now in construction with our second PUBLIC SCHOOL in Culver City and again Glacier Design Systems, Inc. is there to make sure it all happens as designed. We anticipate starting construction on our third PUBLIC SCHOOL in Westlake in December and Glacier Design Systems, Inc. will be there front and center.

    Mike Weinstock

    Grill Concepts’ Co-Chairman and Executive Vice President:
  • Applebees-300x155

    Just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know what a great job the Glacier technician did the other day in my store.  Apparently prior management had really jimmy-rigged our store to make the beer system work with no additional equipment.  He took the time to: search my whole store (even in the ceiling) to look for missing equipment, walk me through the process, make recommendations, talk to my boss, install the correct equipment and make sure I knew how to use it.


    Employee at Applebee’s in Alhambra:
  • Story-Tavern

    When we were thinking about how to design our Draft Beer, Cider & Wine system at Story Tavern, we really had no Idea what was the most ideal way to get this done.  Time and again, we were told that Glacier Design Systems, Inc. would be able to solve this issue for us, and they did.  Not only is the equipment they provided and installed top of the line, but the hands on guidance and recommendations is what sets them apart from their competition.  Their realistic assessment of what could be done, and could not be done at Story Tavern was also invaluable.  Any bar that wants not only the best equipment, but also the soundest advice for installing and designing a Beer, Cider & Wine Draft system need only call Glacier Design Systems, Inc.

    Brian and Diane Slaught

    Owners of Story Tavern in Burbank:
  • tom-300x236

    We worked with Glacier Design Systems, Inc. to reconfigure the existing structure in order to be financially responsible and customer centric at the same time. They demonstrated true commitment to this project, working through different tribulations that happen no matter what because it’s construction. Top to bottom, they are excellent, easy to work with, and we value the relationship look forward to more projects in the future.

    Aaron Garisek

    General Manager of Tom’s Urban:
  • Glacier Design Systems, Inc. is great to have on complex projects—and we’ve worked on several. For Sammy’s, they quickly got involved, reviewed our designs, and came back with their engineering expertise. Sammy’s wanted to make a real showing of the beer taps that we designed and Glacier Design Systems, Inc. did just that. They are great to work with and are a great support. We always go right to them for our beer tower needs.

    Geoff Beckham

    Account Director & Designer, TriMark/RobertClark