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Learn how to pour a Guinness properly with Glacie

How to Pour a Guinness the Proper Way: A St. Patrick’s Day Essential

As the green festivities of St. Patrick’s Day approach, it’s time to learn how to pour a Guinness just right. When the thirsty crowds flood into your business on this legendary drinking holiday, knowing how to pour the perfect pint will elevate your reputation as the go-to Guinness destination. Don’t risk serving up frothy disappointments – become the Guinness aficionados your patrons deserve! Luckily, the secrets to Guinness’s iconic pour aren’t shrouded in mystery. With […]

Dissecting the Craft Beer Consumer Hero Image

Serving Draft Cocktails: Benefits and Equipment

The trend of serving draft cocktails has gained significant traction in recent years, with businesses everywhere now going beyond traditional kegged drinks to serve up classic cocktail favorites on tap. For those of us in the beverage equipment industry, this trend isn’t surprising at all. Kegged drinks are known to stay fresher longer, promote faster service and have a higher ROI, making them a serious advantage to any bar or restaurant. If you’ve never tried […]