The Hangout (VIDEO)

The Hangout Restaurant & Beach Bar is locally famous and has two Orange County locations in Seal Beach and Huntington Beach. The Seal Beach location is right on the pier for an extra memorable dining and drinking experience.

In addition to their unique take on classic dishes served from the restaurant, The Hangout lives up to its name with fun and casual bars where the locals love to… well… hangout. Of course, many people come for their excellent draught beer selection. That’s why The Hangout owner Aaron Kweskin hired Glacier Design Systems to build a custom draught beer system.


Recently while Aaron was traveling, he saw a unique beer tower that filled him with inspiration. Aaron reached out to Glacier Design Systems with his idea for this distinctive draught system. Glacier’s team made his dream tower a reality with a beautiful 16-tap system mounted on a matte black pipe. It’s a very clean yet bold industrial style, which is exactly what Aaron had in mind.

“They were able to implement my idea with the new custom beer tower and they built a custom keg room that really worked well for this location,” says Aaron. “I have used Glacier Design Systems for many years and have always had good service and responsiveness with them.”

Aaron knows that any time he has a challenge or needs routine maintenance on his custom draught beer systems at The Hangout, he can count on Glacier Design Systems to be there.

“Glacier’s service techs to come out very quickly and have taken care of any challenges that we’ve ever had,” adds Aaron. “Obviously, if we don’t have beer, we don’t have business. People come to our restaurants for great beer, cold beer and readily available beer, and Glacier Design Systems helps me keep that going.”

Aaron truly appreciates having a service vendor that he knows he can depend on no matter what, which is why he gladly recommends Glacier Design Systems.

“In the restaurant business, you deal with a lot of different vendors, suppliers and subcontractors,” concludes Aaron. “In my experience, Glacier has really been at the top of their game in terms of service, knowing their product, understanding the restaurant industry and what we need as the restaurant to keep things moving smoothly. I would gladly recommend Glacier Design Systems because to anybody who’s got a restaurant that needs a new beer system. They’re fast, they’re efficient and their systems come out great. They work great and their service is incomparable.”

If you are looking for a custom draught beer system for your restaurant, bar or pub in Southern California, call Glacier Design Systems today at 877-617-BEER (2337). Let us bring your vision to life with a custom beer system that will help you stand out from the crowd.