New Video: General Admission Endorses Glacier Design Systems

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When you own a bar, it’s vital to have a high-quality draught beer system that you can depend on day after day. At the same time, it’s important to have something unique and eye-catching. There are plenty of places people can go to drink good beer, so having a cool and unique draught beer system from Glacier Design Systems installed is one great way to stand out from the crowd.

Glacier Design Systems specializes in one-of-a-kind draught beer systems. We work closely with our clients to create something that fits their style and provides the functionality they desire.


Just take a look at this awesome draught beer system we designed and installed at General Admission Los Angeles, a sports bar located in Universal City. General Admission specializes in fresh, delicious dishes from its restaurant that include everything from gourmet burgers to vegan specialties. They also pride themselves on serving the best beers from around the world, including their own premium ale dedicated to the intensity and authenticity of Los Angeles.

Glacier Design Systems built a custom 24-tap system that was powder-coated satin black upon special request of the client. Even the tap nozzles were powder-coated to match. The copper piping on top creates a nice touch of contrast and character next to the black finish of the taps.

“To be honest, it’s beautiful,” says Kamran Pourkazemi, owner of General Admission. “Great install. Very, very clean job. The installers were great. They were very informative. They kept me updated throughout the process. They would even recommend certain things that I wasn’t so familiar with on this type of system.”

Consulting with the customer and Installing the custom draught beer system are just the first phases of Glacier Design Systems’ service approach. We make it clear to our clients that we are always available for education, maintenance and repair, in order to keep the draught system working its best.

They were able to educate me throughout the process and get it done very quickly—within less than two days,” adds Kamran. “Glacier is always there when I need them. I would recommend Glacier because they’ve been nothing but amazing. Any time I need to contact them, they’re available. We’re excited to see the relationship that we can build with Glacier for the future, and for future General Admission locations.”

It’s clear Kamran and everyone at General Admission have a strong vision, and Glacier Design Systems is excited to be a part of it. To learn more about our custom draught beer systems and services, call us today at 877-617-BEER (2337).

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