Common Issues With The Draft Beers System

It’s normal to experience issues with a draft beers system every now and then. But before you call up your draft beer systems maintenance company, take some time to go through the following troubleshooting steps. You’ll likely solve the problem on your own and learn to keep things running smoothly.


Nine out of 10 issues with the draft beer systems relate to temperature. To keep your system running properly:
Keep beer cooler temperature between 36℉ and 38℉
Keep the glycol bath in the power deck between 26℉ and 29℉
The glycol bath works
Ensure the pump and motor is circulating


If the pressure is too high in the system, the beer will rocket out of the faucet and create foam in the glass. If the pressure is too low, it won’t fill the line, creating an air pocket and foam.
Check to make sure there is pressure to the kegs by inspecting the secondary regulator in the cooler. The shut off valves on the air distributor should be in the “On” position and in line with the tubing.

If your system doesn’t have pressure:
Check to see if the gas is empty
Ensure you have outgoing pressure on the nitrogen generator
The nitrogen generator indicators for CO2 and Air areon
Check to see if the air compressor has power and is turned on


To check if the problem with your draft beers system is caused by a keg, tap a “good keg” onto the bad line, and tap the “bad keg” onto a good line. If the issue persists on the good line, then you know the cause is the keg. But if the issue continues on the bad line, then you know the cause is the line.
Kegs typically last two to three months. Check the date stamp to make sure the keg is still within the best by date.
The rubber coupling seal on the keg can become damaged and allow pressure to enter into the line, creating foam. If you see any cuts or breaks in the seal, you’ll need to replace the keg.
A keg should not be tapped for 24 hours after it’s delivered, to give it a chance to settle and cool down before serving.

For more troubleshooting information and assistance, call Glacier Design Systems.

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