Replacing Draft Beer Lines: How Often?

Beer Lines

Maintaining a bar takes dedication and attention to detail, especially to cleaning. A regularly scheduled beer line cleaning program will involve replacing draft beer lines every year and having the lines cleaned every two weeks. Bar owners will know that it’s time to replace draft beer lines when they see discoloring lines, with small spots of beer stone inside.  

Draft beer lines carry the beer from the keg coupler to the draft faucet. The tubing is a flexible, clear vinyl hose. Clear tubing makes it easier to identify any issues with the draft system, including the buildup of beer stone, sediment, and mold.

Bar owners should have their line replacement performed at a routine cleaning. It’s important to note, however, that there’s no need to clean a freshly replaced beer line. 

Signs it’s time to replace all beer lines (vinyl jumpers):
  • Changes to the chemical cleaning process are not compatible with existing hardware.
  • Pouring non-beer and flavored products will permanently flavor the beer line. These flavors can also contaminate adjacent lines in the same beer line bundle.
  • Using chlorine in the beer line cleaning. (We DO NOT recommend using chlorine to clean the beer lines).

Replace Vinyl jumpers and direct draw lines every year.

Signs it’s time to replace long draw beer lines:
  • The draft beer system is 10 years or older.
  • Impaired beer flavor.
  • Adjacent beer lines change the flavor of the draft beer.
  • You detect chronic alteration of beer flavor.

Keeping draft beer lines clean is an inexpensive and easy way to ensure bartenders are serving only the best beer.

How Draft Beer Lines Are Cleaned

The first step is disassembling the kegerator and tap coupler. The coupler should be soaked in a solution.

Next, the tap should be disassembled and also soaked in a solution.

Then, clean the keg and keg lines and scrub the inside of the keg using a carboy brush. Leave the solution in the keg, place the keg into the kegerator, connect it to the CO2 gas line and the beer outline, open the tap faucet and empty the solution into a bucket.

It’s best to let the professionals replace the beer lines. Call Glacier Design Systems for professional service.

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