Glacier Creates Mobile Draft Beer Systems for Happier Camper

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There’s a reason why beer pairs well with the great outdoors: it’s about relaxing, enjoying the view or a combination of actively finding the best place to relax. So, when Happier Camper reached out to Glacier Design Systems to design a draft beer system for two of their mobile trailers, we jumped right on it.

About Happier Camper

Happier Camper is a recreational trailer manufacturer specializing in retro-modern designs that hearken back to the golden age of family travel. They have developed small, ultralight, fiberglass travel trailers that are available for rent or purchase in modular designs.

Each trailer can be customized with the interior features that each customer wants. Whether you’re about to embark on a cross-country adventure or just going for a weekend beach trip, Happier Campers are so easy to transport and set up just about anywhere. Plus, their distinctive, retro style adds that extra flair that their customers love.

What Glacier Design Systems Designed

Since these trailers are small by nature, fitting in full draft beer systems took strategy and creative thinking from the Glacier team. “It was a unique setup,” said Dustin of Glacier Design Systems, one of the lead designers on the Happier Camper project. “We didn’t have a lot of room, so it was quite a challenge to come up with something that not only fit the space and design, but also a system that functions properly.”

Ultimately, each trailer was outfitted with a 4-product system on the exterior, as well as two 2-product towers on the inside. In other words, both trailers can dispense eight different types of draft beer. From the cold keg storage space to the draft line design to the tap placement, every detail was carefully thought-out to make the most efficient use of the limited space.

Draft System Solutions

Happier Camper was very excited with the results produced by Glacier Design Systems. These draft beer trailers are truly going to be showcase pieces for their company, especially as a way to show customers the infinite possibilities for customizing these unique travel trailers. These first two may just be the beginning of a new line of specialized trailers for Happier Camper.

To learn more about what we can do for your restaurant, bar or other business that is looking for an exceptional draft system, call us today!

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