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Ice Makers available at Glacier Design

If you’re managing a restaurant, bar, or brewery, having a top-notch ice machine is crucial for keeping your business running like a well-oiled machine. There are many ice maker models to choose from with varying features and sizes, and it can be difficult to determine which unit will best serve your business’ needs. To help you make the right choice for your establishment, here are just a few key aspects we’ve compiled for you to keep in mind before making your purchase:

Ice type and size: Product preferences matter, and just like any other aspect of your establishment, choosing a preferred ice type and size is no different. Are you serving up craft cocktails? There are units that can produce gourmet ice, including larger ice cubes or even spheres to perfectly enhance your custom or classic drinks and keep up with your competitors.

Ice production capacity: In addition to determining the amount of space you have available for an ice maker, you’ll also want to consider how much ice your business needs on average. Start by evaluating the amount of ice your business goes through on an average day, and choose a model with a large enough capacity to accommodate those needs. Ice maker capacities range significantly, from small countertop units to large standalone machines, so no matter the capacity needed there will be an ice maker that can handle it.

Cost and budget: Take a close look at your budget and consider the long-term savings that a quality machine can provide. Striking the right balance between upfront cost and long-term benefits is crucial when choosing an ice machine. Some brands offer better warranty programs while others may have lower purchase prices. Depending on your overhead and needs, considering these factors can help you choose the best model for your buck.

Noise level: While performance is key, make sure the ice maker you end up with runs with as little noise pollution as possible. If an ice machine is humming loudly at your establishment, it can distract customers and take away from the great atmosphere you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Commercial ice makers help businesses run more efficiently, and it’s important to select a model that will keep your business at peak performance. Considering the above factors is crucial to ensure you choose a unit that is top quality and long-lasting, and we would love to share more considerations with you to help you make your decision. We hope these tips helped guide your search for the perfect ice machine for your business.

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