Dissecting the Craft Beer Consumer

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The 2013 Craft Beer Conference is in full swing here at the Washington Convention Center. With the country’s greatest brewers congregating under one roof, you better believe that some pretty interesting insider knowledge is getting passed around. I had the privilege of attending the “The Who, What, Where, When and How of the Craft Beer Consumer” lecture. It was a discussion led by Danny Brager on the relevant statistics and trends of the beer drinker.

Danny provided compelling statistics and numbers that quickly painted the picture of who drinks beer in this country.

Here are some of the more interesting figures from Danny’s lecture that caught my eye:

  • Upscale Beer: It’s What’s For Dinner – Upscale beer (i.e. craft beers) have experienced an overall surge in demand and consumption, and despite the higher pricing of the beer (like a bottle of Dogfish Head over a bottle of Bud), the beer segment has seen a massive growth in sales in the past four years that other segments of beer have not been experiencing
  • Young Folks Be Drinkin’ – Almost 1/3 of beer buyers have purchased a craft beer over the past 12 months, with Millennials representing 47% of the craft beer market (according to market research)
  • Check Out My Awesome Beer Collection Dude – Household penetration of beers has seen growth of 27% over the past four years, from 2008 to 2012
  • Why Do Craft Beer Drinkers Buy…Well, Craft Beers? – 50% of people polled in a study said they buy craft beers to experiment in flavors, 46% said they bought craft beers because they taste better (duh), and 40% said they enjoy the seasonal offerings that beers provide, while 36% of people polled said they buy craft beers as a treat for either a friend or themselves
Drinkers By the Numbers
  • Millennials make up 32.9% of the volume of craft beer consumers, and this demographic makes up 26.1% of the total adult population
  • Gen X’ers make up 23.9% of the volume of craft beer consumers, and this demographic makes up 18.7% of the total adult population
  • Boomers make up 34.6% of the volume of beer consumers. This demographic makes up 37.0% of the total adult population
  • Men compose 71.9% of the volume of craft beer consumers, and compose 48.3% of the total adult population
  • Women compose 28.1% of the volume of craft beer consumers, and compose 51.7% of the total adult population
  • Ethnically, the ‘white’ demographic of drinkers make up 85.6% of total beer consumers, and compose 68.0% of the total adult population

Conclusion, AKA Who the Hell Drinks Craft Beers

White Male Millennials and Gen X’ers tend to be the number one consumer of beers.

Not a shocker, I know, but still interesting sets of data to take into account when marketing your beer.

With that said, craft beers are still continuing to grow and pick up other demographics as well. Danny made a strong point. This ‘holy grail’ demographic of drinkers has enormous potential.

Well, there you go folks, some craft beer knowledge dropped on you. Keep following InTheCapital for more CBC 2013 updates and articles!


Article Source: inthecapital.streetwise.com.


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