Cut Costs and Raise Profits with Self Serve Beer Taps

Self serve beer taps

Self service has revolutionized the way we interact with everyday tasks. From pumping our own gas to scanning items at grocery stores, self serve has brought autonomy, speed, and ease to every industry that it is used in. Far from being meaningless convenience, self service is often associated with higher efficiency levels and cost savings – usually resulting in significantly more profits too. A host of different industries have benefited enormously from their ability to utilize self service capabilities, underlining its importance as a technology tool. This could certainly be said for self-serve beer taps.

Self Serve Beer Taps Break Tradition

The traditional taproom environment can sometimes be stressful for customers, who have to wait their turn to place their order with the server. Then the “waiting game” begins. The drink order is placed in point-of-sale, printed out for the bartender to craft the cocktail, then it’s finally picked up. This process can be cumbersome and oftentimes customers feel anxious waiting to get their drink if your business is busy at the time. Thankfully self-serve beer taps speed up the process – allowing you to deliver a great customer experience while keeping your customers engaged.

Put the Power in Your Customers’ Hands

With just two easy steps, patrons can open a tab at registration and connect it to an RFID card – which is connected to their own preferred payment method – giving them full access to whatever beverages they desire. This simple and seamless system allows your customers the freedom of self serving, allowing them to explore their unique tastes in all types of drinks including beers, wines, cold brews, and more. Self pour tap rooms make for an enjoyable experience for customers.

Self Serve Beer Taps Have Pour Measures and Safety Measures

Customers are able to pour specific amounts, such as 5-7 ounces for wine or 10-16 ounces for beer. No more waiting in line to make their purchase, they can get back to socializing with friends. The RFID card payment system uses progressive limiting technology to cut off access at the point of legal limit so that customers don’t overindulge and risk harm to themselves or others. Not only that, but businesses like yours can make a profit from the decreased waste of products and increased beverage sales.

More Sales for Less Product

Self serve beer tap systems are an effective tool for boosting beverage sales, reducing product waste, and decreasing staffing needs. These systems eliminate the need for free sampling as customers pay by the ounce for any beverage they sample. These systems result in increased sales because customers tend to drink more than when served by a bartender, but they also reduce wastage thanks to preventing spillage and forgotten drinks. 

Self Serve Beer Taps Are Loved by Businesses and Customers

Whether it’s beers, wines, or cold brews that are your business’s main bread and butter, if you are looking for innovative ways to increase your beverage sales, implementing self pour technology could be just what you are looking for. After a tiring day, customers should be able to relax and enjoy a beverage or two without unnecessary effort. 

By taking the hassle out of replenishing drinks, self pour taprooms offer customers a uniquely modern way to enjoy a night out. Moreover, if successful, this combination of convenience, enjoyment, and responsibility will create a novel class of drinking experience that will also bring about a new level of sales. Should you be interested in installing self pour beer taps at your establishment, or scheduling regular cleanings for your current systems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Glacier!

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