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When it comes to draught beer systems installation in Southern California, Glacier Design Systems is leading the way with innovative ideas, cutting-edge designs and quality draught beer system installations. Our list of satisfied clients is growing every day throughout SoCal. Quite simply, at Glacier Design Systems, we take great pride in having installed some of the coolest draught beer systems around. Some of our most recent projects are showcases of what we can do to make your bar, pub or restaurant stand out. Here are just a few of those projects:

The Quad AleHouse • San Diego

One of the most interesting projects Glacier Design Systems has worked on is at The Quad AleHouse in San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter. In a community with so many hip bars and restaurants, they wanted to design and install a draft beer system that would be the focal point at the bar. The Quad’s specialty is serving beers from small batch, independent brewers throughout San Diego and other parts of the country. So naturally, they wanted their draft system to make a bold statement.

Glacier Design Systems certainly achieved this goal for The Quad. We used a custom curved 8-inch stainless steel pipe that was nearly 11 feet long and two feet tall. It features 28 draft faucets, which allows them to easily serve a huge rotating variety of draft beers to their discerning customers.

Stout Burgers & Beers • 3 Los Angeles Locations

The owners of Stout reached out to Glacier Design Systems when it came time to design their three restaurant locations in Santa Monica, Studio City and Hollywood. With edgy burger creations and the variety of draft beers they wanted to display, they asked Glacier Design Systems to design and install draft beer systems that matched with their signature style.

Our design team created a half-moon shaped copper tower and affixed the taps to the outside. The goal was to have something that combined some classic pub elements with a modern approach. The result was some of our most stunning work to date.

Barrel Republic • Oceanside

After having some temperature control problems at their original Pacific Beach location, the owners of Barrel Republic decided to entrust a different Southern California draft beer design system installation company with their second restaurant location in Oceanside. Something that makes their bars unique is that customers are actually able to pour their own beers straight from the taps. One of their managers had worked with Glacier Design Systems in the past, and he knew we were the right company for the job.

Barrel Republic had some challenging demands that we had to meet. They needed 48 beer taps, eight wine taps, four non-alcoholic beer taps and four water taps. Over 60 taps needed to be installed at multiple self-serve stations, along with iced tea, coffee and soda stations.

Glacier answered the call. In the end, we installed multiple 11-faucet draft beer stations along the outside of floor-to-ceiling towers made to look like giant barrels. There is even a station set up specifically to be handicapped-accessible. There is a separate tower just for the eight wine taps. The management at Barrel Republic was extremely impressed with the work done by Glacier Design Systems. It was a major improvement over what they had at their first location. “The beers pour perfectly,” said General Manager Sean Hale. “We have over 60 taps and they all work just fine.”

Churchill’s Pub and Grille • San Marcos

Churchill’s wanted to have a pub that reflected the idea of what a “public house” is all about. They contracted Glacier Design Systems to install a draft beer system that looked friendly and traditional, yet functioned with all the latest modern techniques.

Glacier installed a polished stainless steel draft beer tower that runs straight across and features 50 faucets. It is a simple, yet elegant design that met the desires of the client. Whether the design is classic or ultra-contemporary, our goal at Glacier Design Systems is always to achieve the look and functionality goals of our clients. Then, we aim to exceed their expectations in every possible way!

For more information about our recent projects or for any questions you have about installing a draft beer system in your Southern California restaurant, pub or bar, contact Glacier Design Systems today.

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