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How to Choose a Beer System Service Provider

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Every restaurant and bar owner needs a properly functioning beer dispensing system and a beer system service provider they can rely on. When searching for a beer system service provider, it’s important to consider the following characteristics.

7 Spicy Craft Beers to Try

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Sriracha, the beloved and now iconic chili sauce, has made its way into chips, hummus, and even ice cream, so it was only a matter of time before a brewery rolled out their own tangy take. And here it is: Oregon’s Rogue Ales announced that they will be releasing a Sriracha Hot Stout in December. The brewery is no stranger to spicy beer; they also make a Chipotle Ale that is brewed with roasted jalapeños grown on Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon.

Frightful Brew: 8 Spooky Beers for Halloween

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With Halloween only a couple days away, we pulled together a list of some of the scariest beers out there. Terrifying names and frightening alte Kürbisse und Bierlabels make these brews perfect for setting the scene at your Halloween party — you’ll get the chills before you even take your first sip.

IPAs are going to get hoppier!

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Brewers are always tinkering with new ways to get the most out of hops. It’s particularly noticeable this time of year, when breweries source just-picked “wet” or “fresh” hops from the annual hop harvest; they’re able to extract more oil, which boosts a beer’s hop flavor and aroma. These are called fresh hop IPAs, and are easily my favorite seasonal offerings. But, Sierra Nevada is working on a process that would bottle up that vivid once-a-year fresh hop character for year-round use: steam distilling.

Draft Magazine Pairs: Beer & cookies

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By: DraftMagazine

Good thing you’re not driving the sleigh. Here’s how to beer-pair your cookie plate.winter_seasonals_snippet_post_home

Oreo + Anderson Valley Bourbon Barrel Stout: Forget milk; this is dunkability. A gorgeous chocolate, vanilla and bourbon-laced brew melds seamlessly with Oreo cocoa/white frosting sweetness, while the cookie’s crunch finds a friend in the dry barrel notes.

Peanut butter cookie + Great Divide Oatmeal Yeti: Peanut butter flavor fits snugly between this oatmeal-smooth imperial stout’s prickly roast and silky chocolate (think Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups). Best of all, the P.B. turns shell-dry in the beer’s ashy finish for an amazingly clean end.

California breweries, led by Beachwood, dominate beer fest

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California brewers, led by Long Beach’s Beachwood Brewing, dominated the competition at the Great American Beer Festival this past weekend.

Nearly 50,000 beer fans, brewers and industry professionals coiStock_000011720511XSmallnverged on Denver for what has become one of the most prestigious beer competitions in the country. This year, the festival’s 27th, more 600 breweries poured their beers over the four sessions of the weekend-long festival, and the competition saw more than 4,000 entries in over 80 categories.

California breweries took home 52 of the 250 medals awarded, with about half of those going to breweries from the Southland and San Diego.

Beachwood Brewing was a big winner, taking home five medals as well as the Mid-Sized Brewpub of the Year award. Beachwood won gold medals for its Kilgore Stout and Foam Top cream ale, a silver medal for its Utter Love Milk Stout, and bronze medals for its System of a Stout and Barrel Aged Full Malted Jacket.

Beer Bucket List: 18 Places You Need to Drink Before You Die

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October is the spiritual heart of the global beer-drinking calendar.


Rowdy Oktoberfest (which actually begins in September) is well underway, while countless seasonal beer festivals around the globe herald the fall beer-drinking season, often with darker, heartier beers for the cooler weather.

It got me thinking back to a life spent traveling in search of the perfect place to drink beer. Call it the Beer Bucket List: 18 places to drink before you die. Here goes:

18. The Really Big Show – Oktoberfest, Munich
Oktoberfest is a total you-know-what-show, a parade of gluttony under the guise of a family-friendly autumn fair with amusement park rides and games.

The massive beer tents are the big attraction, highlighted by drunken sing-alongs of largely Anglo-American rock radio staples. Believe it or not, each beer tent erupts when the oom-pah band breaks into John Denver’s “Country Roads.”

Oktoberfest is sensory overload. Everything is big: the beers, the tents, the bosoms on the serving girls. Everything is loud. Everybody is drunk. The bathrooms are like cattle drives. There are far more inviting places to enjoy beer, especially in lovely Munich. But Oktoberfest is an experience every serious beer drinker must see to believe at least once in their lives.

8 Foreign Drinking Games from around the World

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You may be familiar with Flip Cup, Beer Pong and Kings, but what if you came from strange and distant lands and didn’t have access to such ubiquitous American drinking games? Let’s all unite around the world with a drink in our hands and our game faces on for a round of foreign drinking games. Here is a great list we found and wanted to share!

8 Korea – Napkin, Beer, Cigarette

In this game, a napkin with a coin is placed over a glass of beer. Then, the players take turns burning holes into the napkin with their cigarette and the player whose cigarette burn finally drops the coin into the beer has to drink.

Are you asking, “What if they don’t smoke?” Well, to stereotype, that’s not really something to worry about: South Koreans are big, big smokers. But hey, at least this provides something else to do with a cigarette.

Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens at San Diego Airport Now Open

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Glacier Design Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce our latest Draught Beer System installation at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – San Diego Airport, Terminal 2


stone san diego 3We all know what we’ve come to expect from a visit to the airport, the whole experience can, and often does, inspire utterances of the phrase: “I need a beer!” Well, fliers, both frequent and infrequent, we have heard your cries and are doing our part to elevate the air travel experience with the installation of Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens at the San Diego International Airport (SDIA).

A scaled-down, 2,898-square-foot version of our Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens farm-to-table restaurants in San Diego County’s Escondido and Point Loma communities is now open for business in the airport’s newly remodeled Terminal 2 facility. Designed by architectural firm Gensler, and food service designer Orness Design Group, it features a covered bar area as well as exposed, fenced-off table seating facing a towering, oceanic-themed fountain sculpture in a courtyard just beyond the TSA security screening station. The interior is outfitted in reclaimed wood and steel in keeping with Stone’s trademark “industrial-becoming-organic” design style.

Up until now, the only SDIA options for beer drinkers looking to quench their thirst were only able to access a small handful of craft beers. Sure, air travelers can get by on that, but craft beer isn’t about getting by. It’s about getting in and digging deeper to find the very best. That was our mission during the years of design and development we invested in creating a craft beer oasis capable of sating aficionados and coincidental newcomers alike.

Beers Also Shine at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival

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epcottEvery fall the folks at Disney World throw a huge food and wine festival that, over the past few years, has been adding more and more quality beers to its offerings. The list of brews to be served and the locations you can find them is now out. So, before you go, check out what you expect to find right here.


This marketplace celebrates all that comes from the earth. Only products that come fropm the soil are sold here. Think vegetarian and vegan fair. Wash it down with Napa Smith Organic IPA


Known for their outstanding beers, the Belgian Marketplace will feature several brews you may want to try as you munch a tasty waffle. Look for Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, and Leffe Blonde or Brune.


Exotic and exciting, look for seared scallops or crispy pork belly in this marketplace. The drink of choice for beer lovers here is Cervearias Kaiser Xingu Black Beer.

Brewer’s Collection

Located near the Germany Pavilion, this beir garten will feature tasty brews from one of Europe’s great beer nations. The list includes:

  • Schöfferhofer Grapefruit
  • Radeberger Pilsner
  • Altenmünster Oktoberfest
  • BraufactuM Palor
  • BraufactuM Roog Smoked Wheat Beer
  • Warsteiner Premium Verum
  • BraufactuM Darkon
  • Warsteiner Premium Dunkel

Kombucha Ale: A New Kind of Funk

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A new sour ale lurks on the periphery of craft beer, and if you love lambics, it might just be your next favorite style.

by Christopher Staten

KombuchaWalk down bustling Steinway Street in Astoria, Queens, past a boxing gym, a clothing store and a Croatian travel agency, and you’d never suspect the block contains one of the most fascinating fermenting rooms in all of New York City. Just below street level, Spiro Theofilatos tends to open-air fermenting vessels lining the walls of his subterranean brewery. The mixture of glass carboys, oak barrels and stainless steel equipment looks like the workshop of a mad scientist who’s taken a sudden interest in Belgian lambics.

The bubbling concoctions are actually a new kind of sour ale, one that blends two ancient traditions and is creeping into New York’s craft beer scene. At Beyond Kombucha, Theofilatos crafts kombucha ale, a kombucha-beer hybrid. And the NYC culinary scene’s taken notice: Mava Roka, his maple-vanilla rooibos kombucha ale, has a regular tap at Brooklyn’s Bierkraft and Manhattan’s Colicchio & Sons.

But, let’s back up a moment: What the hell is kombucha?

The odd-sounding drink has skyrocketed in popularity over the last decade, mainly with the downward-dog warriors wandering the aisles of Whole Foods. The traditional Chinese fermented tea’s believed to be chock-full of health-promoting acids and probiotics.

Bottles were flying off the shelves until the summer of 2010, when the Food and Drug Administration and the Treasury Department investigated the alcohol content of the non-alcoholic drink—oddly enough, partially initiated by the suspicion that kombucha tea set off Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol-monitoring bracelet. Not all kombucha rang in under 0.5% ABV; most hovered around 1.5%. The Feds forced kombucha tea makers to either reformulate their recipes or apply for brewery licenses, so most producers shuttered or went back to the drawing board. Which brings us back to Astoria.