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The Glacier Gazette! November, 2020!

POSTED ON October 30th  - POSTED IN Blog

Being that we are in the service business, Customer Service is our highest priority. Here at Glacier Design Systems, we believe in going above and beyond for all of our clients. One of the things we do best is providing outstanding customer experiences.

The Glacier Gazette! October, 2020!

POSTED ON September 29th  - POSTED IN Blog

We spend a massive proportion of our life at work and with our teammates. Ask anyone what they love most about their work and in most cases, the first thing they mention is ‘the people’. For over 20-years, it’s been the people that have made Glacier Design Systems such a special place to be a part of.

We believe building a successful team is the foundation of any high-performing business. Here at Glacier, we recognize the importance of having the right mix of optimally designed processes and a collective balance of skills, diversity in knowledge, and experience. We know our team is special, and we attribute our success to our quality team members who work hard for us and for you — our valued clients and partners — everyday.

We also believe in having a synergistic approach to each new challenge, and a shared commitment towards each new goal we set for ourselves. We blend our complementary strengths and continually raise the bar, because we believe the foundation of a great workplace lies in a culture of trust and engagement that unifies our team in a common vision.

This October, we invite you to schedule a time to visit our location and reacquaint yourself with our amazing team and experience our operation for yourself. We welcome the opportunity to reconnect.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” — Helen Keller

Alex Ribble – CEO

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The Glacier Gazette! September, 2020!

POSTED ON August 24th  - POSTED IN Blog

For a business to operate effectively there must be three separate but equally important groups – the employees who do the work, the clients who need the product or service, and the company to support both the employees and the clients. Each unit of the triad is dependent on the others, in a successful business no piece of the triangle can become disconnected from the others. Our employees need to be treated with respect, given opportunity to make a living, and provided benefits for themselves and their families. Our clients deserve outstanding customer service, honest and thorough communication, and a customer experience that is second to none. When the employees and clients win the company automatically does, too. Every day at Glacier we work hard to meet these expectations. Whether you are an employee, client, or prospective client I am dedicated as a leader in this company to exceed your expectations. Thank you for your hard work, your business, and your confidence in Glacier!

– Colin Martodam, COO


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The Glacier Gazette! August, 2020!

POSTED ON July 28th  - POSTED IN Blog

Innovation is taking something that everybody has already seen and turning it into something that nobody has thought of yet. At Glacier Design Systems we aim to do just that by going beyond what is the norm or the traditional expectation. During this challenging time, I have seen innovation as our clients reimagine the industry as a whole. Lifelong bar and restaurant owners are using this opportunity to change things up by renovating their entire location or getting to the expansion project that they have wanted to do for years or even decades. The pride of ownership and having your name on something is important to all of us. We want to have the best bar in town or the most attractive happy hour menu for the after-work crowd. At Glacier we strive for the best in every service call, system design, installation or even the initial phone call from someone looking for a starting point to their new dream. Our goal is to be the “go-to” in not only Southern California but across the country. Please stay safe and we will be back to enjoying a cold beer together in no time. Prost, Slainte, Cheers!!!! 


– Corey Mergen, Sales Manager


The Glacier Gazette! July, 2020!

POSTED ON June 29th  - POSTED IN Blog

We at Glacier Design Systems are excited to see our partners starting to reopen for business again. Glacier Design Systems would like to say a big thank you to all of our loyal customers that stuck with us through the past few months through difficult and uncertain times. We are resilient and are going to bounce back to be even stronger than we were before. With the busy rush that we are experiencing to get everyone back up and pouring, we are seeing some good trends coming out of this. As a company, we are succeeding in doing everything we can to accommodate our customers when they need us, especially when it is an urgent matter. Glacier Design Systems is excited to assist the numerous bars, restaurants, breweries, wineries and many other beverage-related dispense businesses in opening their doors for our mutual customers. We are all expecting to emerge from this experience busier, stronger, and safer than we have ever been.


– Brian Butler, Operations Manager


Introducing The Glacier Gazette! June, 2020!

POSTED ON June 1st  - POSTED IN Blog
Welcome to our first newsletter! Our goal in providing this newsletter is to keep in touch with our valued customers and suppliers, especially in this time of social distancing. Each month we will feature helpful tips, industry news, upcoming events, contests, discount offerings, and more. We hope you find this newsletter valuable and look forward to your feedback.

As the controller here at Glacier I also want to assure you that we are financially resilient. We have prepared ourselves to overcome the challenges arising from COVID-19 and expect to emerge from the crisis as strong as ever. Our talented team of technicians and design experts are available to support you through reopening in a changed landscape by following state health guidelines, including wearing masks and gloves, to support safe and clean environments for ourselves and our customers. We are truly thankful for your continued partnership with Glacier Design Systems and look forward to our shared success.

– Ashley Malavar 


Why a CO2 Safety Monitor Will Soon Be Required in Your Bar or Restaurant

POSTED ON March 16th  - POSTED IN Blog

Bars, restaurants, breweries and beer distribution centers use dispense gas to help pump beverages through beer gas lines or to carbonate fizzy drinks on site. The dispense gas, which can be either carbon dioxide (CO₂) or a nitrogen (N₂) mix, has numerous functions, such as improving the taste of the beverage, keeping the contents of the keg sterile, and helping to maintain the draft beer equipment.

(VIDEO) BESHOCK Ramen Recommends Glacier Design Systems

POSTED ON March 2nd  - POSTED IN Blog

When you open a bar or restaurant, you want it to reflect a certain style. From the colors and textures to the materials and finishes, you have a vision in mind and it takes a special designer to bring it to life. Your beer tap system is the centerpiece of your bar, so it requires extra design attention. It should look great and function properly.

The Secret to a Perfect Pour Isn’t As Obvious As You Think

POSTED ON February 13th  - POSTED IN Blog

What’s the secret to a perfect glass of draft beer? Some say it’s all in how you pour it. Others say it’s about maintaining the right temperature. While others claim a beer’s quality is determined by how much foam is in the glass and the cleanliness of the glass. Though all of the above are important, few craft beer enthusiasts consider the role of the draught system. 

New Video: General Admission Endorses Glacier Design Systems

POSTED ON January 20th  - POSTED IN Blog

When you own a bar, it’s vital to have a high-quality draught beer system that you can depend on day after day. At the same time, it’s important to have something unique and eye-catching. There are plenty of places people can go to drink good beer, so having a cool and unique draught beer system from Glacier Design Systems installed is one great way to stand out from the crowd.