New Video: General Admission Endorses Glacier Design Systems

POSTED ON January 20th  - POSTED IN Blog
When you own a bar, it’s vital to have a high-quality draught beer system that you can depend on day after day. At the same time, it’s important to have something unique and eye-catching. There are plenty of places people can go to drink good beer, so having a cool and unique draught beer system […]

Hideaway Golf Club Recommends Glacier for Draft Beer System Installation

POSTED ON August 12th  - POSTED IN Blog
When a craft beer enthusiast is on vacation, one of the first things he or she will look for is their favorite beer or a new one worth trying. The craft beer industry is booming in the U.S. as more and more Americans discover and come to appreciate the wide varieties and flavors of craft […]

Glacier Creates Mobile Draft Beer Systems for Happier Camper

POSTED ON October 16th  - POSTED IN Blog
There’s a reason why beer pairs well with the great outdoors: it’s about relaxing, enjoying the view or a combination of actively finding the best place to relax. So, when Happier Camper reached out to Glacier Design Systems to design a draft beer system for two of their mobile trailers, we jumped right on it.

Are Dirty Draft Lines Souring Your Beer Service?

POSTED ON October 5th  - POSTED IN Blog
Almost any beer lover will tell you that they prefer beer that’s poured fresh from the draft. There’s just something better about drinking it from a glass or mug with a perfect head on top. But, what if that “something” is related to how clean the draft lines are?