Beer Equipment Trends in 2023

Bartender pouring beer into a glass

The latest and greatest in beer equipment is a crucial component of any bar or restaurant, allowing establishments to serve their customers refreshing and well-poured beers. As our industry continues to thrive, the demand for innovative and efficient beer dispensing solutions has grown. These are a couple of the beer equipment trends we’ve noticed at Glacier Design that are helping bars and restaurants find success, earn higher profits, and provide an exceptional beer-drinking experience.

Beer Equipment with Digital Integration

Modern beer systems are incorporating digital integration to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience. Some of these systems can monitor keg levels, track sales, and provide real-time data on pouring trends and inventory management. With digital interfaces and remote access capabilities, bar and restaurant owners can conveniently manage their beer systems from anywhere, optimizing operations and ensuring a constant supply of fresh beer.

Self-Serve Beer Walls

Self-serve beer walls have become an exciting beer equipment trend, particularly in craft beer-focused establishments. These innovative systems allow customers to pour their own beers from a selection of taps, providing a fun and interactive experience. Self-serve beer walls are equipped with RFID or smart card technology that tracks the amount of beer poured, allowing customers to sample a variety of beers and pay accordingly. This trend not only adds an element of entertainment but also offers establishments increased efficiency and reduced staffing needs during busy hours.

Glycol Cooling Beer Equipment

Maintaining optimal beer temperature is essential for preserving flavor and ensuring a refreshing drinking experience. Glycol cooling systems have become increasingly popular in bars and restaurants as they offer efficient temperature control throughout the entire beer dispensing process. These systems utilize a chilled glycol solution circulated through insulated lines to keep beer lines and faucets cold, preventing the beer from foaming or becoming too warm. Glycol cooling systems are especially beneficial for establishments with long beer lines or multiple taps, ensuring consistent temperature control and delivering the perfect pint every time.

Portable Draft Systems

For bars and restaurants looking to expand their beer offerings beyond their primary location, portable draft systems have become a popular choice. These compact and mobile systems allow establishments to serve draft beer either on their patio during the warmer months but also while catering events. Portable draft systems are equipped with CO2 cylinders or nitrogen cartridges, ensuring the beer remains properly carbonated during transportation and serving. These systems provide flexibility and versatility for businesses, enabling them to improve sales easily.

Let Glacier Design Keep Your Beer Equipment Up-to-Date

Beer dispensing equipment trends in bars and restaurants are evolving to meet the demands of our ever-growing craft beer market. The integration of digital technology, the advent of self-serve beer walls, the utilization of glycol cooling systems, and the popularity of portable draft systems are revolutionizing the beer-drinking experience. As the industry continues to innovate, know that bars and restaurants like yours can leverage these trends to elevate their beverage programs, attract beer enthusiasts, and provide memorable experiences for their customers. As always, we at Glacier Design would be happy to assist.

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