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The Pros and Cons of Foam on Beer (FOBs)

POSTED ON November 24th  - POSTED IN Blog

The FOB detects an empty keg and stops beer flow, which eliminates the foam created by an empty keg. It also eliminates the need to refill lines with beer and purge air from the system. With an FOB installed on a beer line, when a keg hits empty and the bartender taps the new keg, the tap will immediately pour beer. 

The Bartender’s Struggle With Foam

POSTED ON November 22nd  - POSTED IN Blog

Some customers like foam, others hate it. It’s usually a matter of preference. Most beer drinkers don’t put much thought to why beers foam, but for bartenders, this is crucial information to have.

The Glacier Gazette for November, 2021!

POSTED ON November 1st  - POSTED IN Blog

A Memo From Management…

This November many of us will reflect on who and what we are thankful for and express gratitude towards those responsible for the good in our lives. Our jobs are likely to make our lists, but it can be difficult to remember to express gratitude at work.

Studies reveal sincere gratitude increases happiness and enthusiasm, decreases stress and anxiety, promotes better sleep, and strengthens relationships. These benefits translate to the workplace as increases in job satisfaction, productivity, engagement, retention, and trust among coworkers. Practicing gratitude has also been shown to improve resilience, a trait we all probably need after this challenging year and a half. The benefits are significant and require almost no cost. So how do we create a culture of gratitude in the workplace? Here are some ideas to begin:

  • Encourage your management team to lead by example
  • Recognize employees who go out of their way for their coworkers
  • Connect employees with the impact of their work by sharing customer compliments
  • Provide employees with printouts or thank you cards to give to their colleagues
  • Create a shared gratitude journal or bulletin board where employees can shout out to their peers or document what they are grateful for
  • Prioritize sincere, detailed expressions of thanks over a flurry of generic appreciation.

Thank you for your business and continued engagement,

Ashley Malavar

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Are You Considering Flow Meters For Your Draft Beer System?

POSTED ON October 26th  - POSTED IN Blog

Over pouring beer can lead to sale losses ranging from 5% to 50%. The average amount is 23%, or nearly one out of four beers. These losses can occur for a variety of reasons. Staff may sell drinks without recording them in the register. They may charge regular prices for drinks, but ring them in as lower-priced specials and pocket a large tip. Staff may also reverse and void transactions.

Why Draft Beer Line Cleanings Are So Important

POSTED ON October 18th  - POSTED IN Blog

Many bar owners don’t want their draft beer system cleaned as often as the Brewers Association recommends because of the product loss caused by cleaning. However, experienced bar owners know how profitable a good, fresh draft beer can be. The truth is, regularly cleaning draft beer lines is an essential part of running a successful bar business. 

If you serve draft beer, consider the cleaning process as important as cleaning pots and pans in the kitchen. Customers will notice the effects of dirty beer lines in the taste and quality of the beer. Word will spread, and you could find business going downhill. Better to lose a little bit of beer during the cleaning process, than to drive away customers with poor-tasting beer.

Cleaning the draft beer system involves draining the draft beer lines to pass chemicals and water through them and eliminate funky tasting beer, beer stone, and molds. The FOBs, faucets, shanks and all other parts of a draft beer system need cleaning as well. 

If you don’t clean your full system, the draft beer won’t be served as fresh as the brewmaster intended it to be served. You WILL lose sales if you are serving bad-tasting or skunky draft beer. Most customers won’t realize that the draft beer quality is being negatively impacted by unclean beer lines and equipment. They’ll just decide that they don’t like the taste of your beer and won’t order another one. They might order a bottled beer that has a lower ROI on your bottom line, or just leave and not return.

Generally, all the beer that is in the lines during cleaning is wasted. The longer the beer line from the keg to the faucet, the more waste there will be. For this reason, we prefer to install through the wall draft beer systems instead of long draw systems. However, space constraints often prevent us from installing through the wall draft beer systems. 

If you have any questions about this and any other draft beer equipment, we’d love to hear from you! 

The Glacier Gazette! October, 2021

POSTED ON September 30th  - POSTED IN Blog

A Memo From Management…

With Halloween coming don’t let your customers get SPOOKED by serving beer from a system that has not been well maintained. Maintenance on your draft system is of the utmost importance. It gives your system longer life as well as cleaner, better tasting beer.

Think of us as doctors of your draft system. Having your system fail from something that could have been prevented by regular maintenance, those are the real SPOOKS we need to look out for. Keep your system well maintained and have peace of mind that no ghouls or ghosts will shut your system down. Enjoy this beer-drinking holiday and always remember, Glacier is here for you when you need us.

Have a spook-tacular Halloween!

Nick Smith

Assistant General Manager

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How To Clean The Coupler And Faucets

POSTED ON September 24th  - POSTED IN Blog

The key to a properly functioning draft beer system is routine maintenance. Cleaning the keg coupler and faucet is an important part of keeping your beer free of yeast and mold, since just a small amount could lead to serious problems for the entire system.