Are Dirty Draft Lines Souring Your Beer Service?

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Almost any beer lover will tell you that they prefer beer that’s poured fresh from the draft. There’s just something better about drinking it from a glass or mug with a perfect head on top. But, what if that “something” is related to how clean the draft lines are?

Awareness about clean beer systems is relatively rare amongst beer enthusiasts. That’s why at Glacier Design Systems, we want to shed light on the importance of making sure your draft lines are kept clean. Keeping a clean draft line is one of the best ways to provide a quality draft beer experience for your customers.

Dirty Lines Lead to Bitter Beer

We’ve all seen the soda fountains at fast food restaurants when they get sticky at the end of a day. There may even be some bugs flying around. It’s not a good look and it will affect the quality of the drinks being dispensed if things are dirty and neglected.

Neglected draft beer systems will deteriorate and get dirty over time, especially if the lines and hardware are not cleaned or replaced regularly. Mineral deposits, microbes and unwanted proteins can all build up within the draft system. The beer in the keg may be perfect, but what comes out of the draft could be skunky or sour.

Clean Lines for Beer Tasting the Way It Should

Today, beer enthusiasts all over are becoming savvier. It doesn’t matter if they are drinking beer from one of the top name-brand breweries or a regional microbrew – beer drinkers are more discerning than ever. Many restaurant and bar owners are working to educate customers on the importance of clean draft lines. It’s a way to spin things in your favor if you are taking the time to keep your systems clean and provide the freshest possible beer to your patrons.

Ideally, draft systems should be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis using an electric pump that recirculates a special solution through the entire system. The pH levels should also be tested to make sure all traces of that solution are flushed before any kegs are tapped. This ensures that what is in the keg comes out tasting as pure as possible, just as the brewer intended.

Beer System Design and Maintenance from Glacier Design Systems

Glacier Design Systems is here to help you maintain the best draft beer and wine dispensing systems for the highest quality beer output. Whether it’s a new draft system that’s designed, built and installed specifically at your restaurant or bar, upgrades to your existing draft system or ongoing maintenance plans, Glacier has your draft beer system needs, covered.

To learn more about Glacier Design Systems custom draft beer systems and maintenance programs, contact us today at (877) 617-BEER (2337).

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