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How Often Should You Replace Your Draft Beer Lines?

POSTED ON December 28th  - POSTED IN Blog

Maintaining a bar takes dedication and attention to detail, especially to cleaning. A regularly scheduled line cleaning program will involve replacing draft beer lines every year. Bar owners will know that it’s time to replace draft beer lines when they see discoloring lines, with small spots of beer stone inside.  

Benefits of Using Manual Dishwashing For Beer Glasses

POSTED ON December 13th  - POSTED IN Blog

Remember the show “Cheers”? The bartender wipes each glass with a bar towel, leading us to believe that’s how beer glasses are supposed to be cleaned. But, this is wrong. Mostly because of the dirt and grime that gathers on the towel after wiping down the bar top transfers to the beer glass. 

The Glacier Gazette – December 1, 2021

POSTED ON December 1st  - POSTED IN Blog


by Eric Green, Regional Installation Manager

It’s the time of the season for giving, for family, and for beer of course. As we start to see more people going home for the holidays it’s a great time to make sure your beer system is in great working condition. We at Glacier Design have always provided the best service, sales, and installation around and we want to make sure that your draft systems are ready for the rush during the holiday season.

Installing a new draft system in these busy months can seem challenging but we are always willing to help to get everyone ready for the holidays. We provide all the help you would need and our installers/service techs are ready for any challenge that presents itself, whether it’s a full remodel or a small rehab to the existing draft beer system to make your

bar more attractive during this festive time.

Glacier Design Systems has got you covered with years of experience and knowledge to give you that great start to the New Year.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Glacier Design Systems.

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