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Why a CO2 Safety Monitor Will Soon Be Required in Your Bar or Restaurant

POSTED ON March 16th  - POSTED IN Blog

Bars, restaurants, breweries and beer distribution centers use dispense gas to help pump beverages through beer gas lines or to carbonate fizzy drinks on site. The dispense gas, which can be either carbon dioxide (CO₂) or a nitrogen (N₂) mix, has numerous functions, such as improving the taste of the beverage, keeping the contents of the keg sterile, and helping to maintain the draft beer equipment.

(VIDEO) BESHOCK Ramen Recommends Glacier Design Systems

POSTED ON March 2nd  - POSTED IN Blog

When you open a bar or restaurant, you want it to reflect a certain style. From the colors and textures to the materials and finishes, you have a vision in mind and it takes a special designer to bring it to life. Your beer tap system is the centerpiece of your bar, so it requires extra design attention. It should look great and function properly.