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Featured Draft Beer Installation: Quad AleHouse

POSTED ON May 22nd  - POSTED IN Blog

The Quad is a safe haven in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter for craft beer aficionados and newbies alike. With an emphasis on community and education, The Quad will concentrate on celebrating beers from San Diego’s and the nation’s best small batch, independent brewers.

Fascinating Facts Worth Knowing About Beer (Part 2.)

POSTED ON May 15th  - POSTED IN Blog

 The oldest recipe for beer is nearly 4,000 years old.

The oldest evidence of beer production dates back to about 7,000 years ago in Iran, where scientists have carried out chemical tests on ancient pottery to determine that fermentation had been used to make alcohol.

Featured Draft Beer Installation: Budweiser Signature Tower for Dodger Stadium

POSTED ON May 10th  - POSTED IN Blog

Glacier Design Systems is more than pleased to announce the Budweiser Signature tower that we installed is now open for all to see at it’s new home in Dodger Stadium! The custom, temperature controlled tower is beautifully  mounted on a thick slab of granite. Be on the lookout for many more of these towers throughout Southern California in coming months.

Have you seen this state-of-the-art piece at the stadium yet?