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Glacier Design Systems, Inc. Creates Unique Beer Towers for Tom’s Urban 24

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The Challengetoms

When Glacier Design Systems, Inc. received a phone call from a multi restaurant concept at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles – the project was in the middle of construction and the Tom’s Urban 24 location had arrived at a crucial decision;

 How are we going to make our beer tower both functional and attractive?

The original plan was to utilize “cobra ice towers”, which are beer towers/taps that require excessive amounts of ice, throughout the restaurant. However, requiring excessive amounts of ice in Southern California can be a tricky endeavor. Upon further discussion with General Manager Aaron Garisek, the team decided on something more in line with their overall design look.

Glacier Design Systems, Inc. Creates a Unique Beer Tower for Sammy’s Original Restaurant in Lake Forest, California

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The Challengesammys1

Sammy’s Original, an off-track betting restaurant and bar, in Lake Forest, California, recently took over a former Black Angus location. In order to create their own unique space, they hired a restaurant design company to help them create their own brand experience.

Central to any betting restaurant, the bar is both a watering hole for some and a place to gather for others. For Sammy’s, the bar design needed to be impressive and inviting. However, as they were getting ready to install the beer tower, some issues sprang up.

The bar was designed to be an island bar, and the back bar was inside, therefore the lines had to come from the ceiling above. This posed a real challenge for the restaurant contractor.

Green Beer turns 100 years old!

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IT SHOULD not pass without acclaim that Monday marks the 100th anniversary of one of the great achievements in the history of Green Beer for St. Patrick's Daybeer.

On St. Patrick’s Day 1914, a New York City coroner named Dr. Thomas Hayes Curtin stood before his associates and others at a Bronx social club and unveiled his wondrous invention:

Green beer.

Never before had anyone laid eyes on such a spectacle. Beer, the color of shamrocks, filling the mugs of hundreds.

“Everything possible was green or decorated with that color,” an eyewitness reported. “and all through the banquet, Irish songs were sung and green beer was served.

“No, it wasn’t a green glass, but real beer in a regular colorless glass. But the amber hue was gone from the brew and a deep green was there instead.”

The Best Spring Break Ski Destinations for Beer Lovers

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Spring is breaking all over the country. The question is: beach or snow? For those who prefer balaclavas to bikinis, spring break is a time for first chairs, tree runs, and fresh powder. Oh, and a frosty brew to enjoy during a long après session.

Where is your favorite ski destination with great beer? Tell us below.

And read on for a list of the best spring break destinations for suds-loving skiers and snowboarders.