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10 wildly diverse pumpkin beers

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By DraftMagiStock_000019725900XSmall

Proclaiming you love pumpkin beers is a bit like saying you love “colors” or “weather”: Flavor-wise, this year’s crop of gourd-inspired brews are all over the map, but we’re sure there’s at least one in the patch you’d pick.

If you like real pumpkin…
Terrapin Pumpkinfest
Harnessing the real (almost stinky, in a good way) earthy pumpkin, this brew has an authentic gourd flavor with brushes of cinnamon, nutmeg and a nice toast finish.

If you like pumpkin pie…
Anderson Valley Fall Hornin’ Pumpkin Ale
A soft mouthfeel and full, sweet pumpkin flavor harken the texture and taste of pie flling, while a touch of bitterness clips the swallow clean.

A Pint a Day…

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The weather is a-changin’—and that means good times are on draft. But with that seasonal shift comes a wave of cold and flu, Still Life with a draft beer by the glass.making some visits to the tap room a trial. The good news? Scads of research shows that moderate beer consumption is related to a host of surprising health benefits. With high dietary fiber, no cholesterol, and fewer calories by volume than wine, spirits, or orange juice (about 150 per 12 oz. bottle on average), it’s got some advantages right off the bat. And according to the Center for Human Nutrition, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, beer contains more protein and essential B vitamins than wine from a nutritional standpoint—especially B3, B6, and B9.

Read on for five more detailed reasons that beer can be part of a healthy, balanced diet, keeping in mind that excess alcohol and its calories will cancel out any payoff.

What’s your favorite fall or winter beer? Tell us here. And stay strong!

California breweries, led by Beachwood, dominate beer fest

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California brewers, led by Long Beach’s Beachwood Brewing, dominated the competition at the Great American Beer Festival this past weekend.

Nearly 50,000 beer fans, brewers and industry professionals coiStock_000011720511XSmallnverged on Denver for what has become one of the most prestigious beer competitions in the country. This year, the festival’s 27th, more 600 breweries poured their beers over the four sessions of the weekend-long festival, and the competition saw more than 4,000 entries in over 80 categories.

California breweries took home 52 of the 250 medals awarded, with about half of those going to breweries from the Southland and San Diego.

Beachwood Brewing was a big winner, taking home five medals as well as the Mid-Sized Brewpub of the Year award. Beachwood won gold medals for its Kilgore Stout and Foam Top cream ale, a silver medal for its Utter Love Milk Stout, and bronze medals for its System of a Stout and Barrel Aged Full Malted Jacket.

Beer Bucket List: 18 Places You Need to Drink Before You Die

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October is the spiritual heart of the global beer-drinking calendar.


Rowdy Oktoberfest (which actually begins in September) is well underway, while countless seasonal beer festivals around the globe herald the fall beer-drinking season, often with darker, heartier beers for the cooler weather.

It got me thinking back to a life spent traveling in search of the perfect place to drink beer. Call it the Beer Bucket List: 18 places to drink before you die. Here goes:

18. The Really Big Show – Oktoberfest, Munich
Oktoberfest is a total you-know-what-show, a parade of gluttony under the guise of a family-friendly autumn fair with amusement park rides and games.

The massive beer tents are the big attraction, highlighted by drunken sing-alongs of largely Anglo-American rock radio staples. Believe it or not, each beer tent erupts when the oom-pah band breaks into John Denver’s “Country Roads.”

Oktoberfest is sensory overload. Everything is big: the beers, the tents, the bosoms on the serving girls. Everything is loud. Everybody is drunk. The bathrooms are like cattle drives. There are far more inviting places to enjoy beer, especially in lovely Munich. But Oktoberfest is an experience every serious beer drinker must see to believe at least once in their lives.

8 Foreign Drinking Games from around the World

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You may be familiar with Flip Cup, Beer Pong and Kings, but what if you came from strange and distant lands and didn’t have access to such ubiquitous American drinking games? Let’s all unite around the world with a drink in our hands and our game faces on for a round of foreign drinking games. Here is a great list we found and wanted to share!

8 Korea – Napkin, Beer, Cigarette

In this game, a napkin with a coin is placed over a glass of beer. Then, the players take turns burning holes into the napkin with their cigarette and the player whose cigarette burn finally drops the coin into the beer has to drink.

Are you asking, “What if they don’t smoke?” Well, to stereotype, that’s not really something to worry about: South Koreans are big, big smokers. But hey, at least this provides something else to do with a cigarette.