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Craft Beer Industry Grows by 20 Percent, Tops Off State’s Economy

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Want to boost Michigan’s job growth and economy? Treat yourself to a cold craft beer.

iStock_000008843523XSmallMichigan’s craft beer industry grew by 20 percent in 2012, according to a “state of the industry” report from the Demeter Group Investment Bank of San Francisco.

Michigan added 17 breweries last year and outpaced the average national industry growth rate by 12 percent. New breweries opened in Big Rapids, Grand Rapids, Marquette and Lake Leelanau, for example.

The Demeter study used data from an economic impact report from the National Beer Wholesalers Association, based in Virginia.

The report, “America’s Beer Distributors: Fueling Jobs, Generating Economic Growth & Delivering Value to Local Communities,” is one of the first national studies that reflect beer distribution companies’ total impact on national and state economies. It used U.S. government data sources for production, employment, wages, incomes, taxes and investments for the brewing companies studied.

According to the association’s president, Craig Purser, the industry provides an economic boost for every state.

“Distributors benefit the economy of their communities through local business-to-business commerce, local investments, capital assets and tax revenue,” Purser said. “They provide services that improve efficiency for trading partners, especially small brewers and retailers, and they ensure fair prices and a broad selection of products for consumers to enjoy.”

Samuel Adams’s Beer Revolutionary

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In 1984, Jim Koch started brewing an old family beer recipe in his kitchen. Before long he was packing samples in a suitcase and going from bar to bar, trying to get people to taste his Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Today the 63-year-old founder-brewmaster of the Boston Beer Co. runs the largest craft brewery in America, producing more than 2.7 million barrels of Boston Lager, Summer Ale, Cream Stout, Cherry Wheat, and other sudsy libations each year. The company generated revenue of $629 million and a profit of $60 million in 2012. Koch (pronounced “cook”) still invents brews and makes the rounds with his sales staff, beating the drum for his craft revolution. His story:

I grew up outside Cincinnati on a farm where I spent a lot of my summers. My dad was a brewmaster, and my mother was a teacher. When my dad’s company went out of business in the late ’50s, he started a company for brewing supplies. I come from a long line of brewmasters, so I grew up with beer and entrepreneurial instincts.

I went to Harvard and majored in government. But when I graduated in 1971, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. So I went into Harvard’s JD/MBA program and dropped out after two years. I did a variety of jobs, including being an Outward Bound instructor, then went back to Harvard and finished the program in 1978. I decided not to take the bar, and I went to work for Boston Consulting Group [BCG] in 1978.

There I did strategy consulting for manufacturing. It was an opportunity to see business from a high-level perspective because we worked for CEOs and senior management in sizable companies. But after six years I started to think about what else I wanted to do.

I just wasn’t comfortable with the big company culture, bureaucracy, and politics. I wanted to stand on my own two feet and accomplishments rather than succeed in an organizational context. I quickly settled on beer. It was like destiny.

One of the world’s oldest preserved beers to be reproduced

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One of the beers recovered from the sea floor (Photo: Augusto Mendes, Ålands Landskapsrege...Produced at least as far back as 5,000 BC, beer has been with us for a long time. But coming third only to water and tea in terms of worldwide popularity means that the lifespan of individual beers is more likely to be measured in days or weeks rather than years or decades. The exception is if they’re preserved at the bottom of the Baltic Sea in a shipwreck. One such shipwrecked beer that is about 170 years old has been salvaged and analyzed and will be reproduced using modern industrial techniques.

The five bottles of beer, which are amongst the oldest preserved beers in the world, were salvaged in 2010 from a shipwreck that is believed to have sunk in the Åland archipelago southwest of Finland in the 1840s. The darkness inside the wreck and the low temperatures found on the seabed 50 m (164 ft) below the surface provided the perfect storage conditions, while the pressure inside the bottles kept the salt water from leaking in through the cork.

Thankfully, the salvage team didn’t crack open the beers to toast their find, which also included old bottles of champagne. This gave a team at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland the chance to analyze the beer and recreate the original recipe for modern industrial production methods. The Stallhagen brewery of Åland will now use the recipe to reproduce the historic beer.

All finds from the shipwreck belong to the Government of Åland, an autonomous region of Finland, which has decided that part of the profits from sales of the beer will go to charitable causes. These include marine archeological work and environmental measures to improve the water quality of the seas.

The shipwreck beer is set to go into production later this year with beer connoisseurs able to try it in June 2014.

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More and More Ladies Enjoying Beer

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Meagan O’Brien sipped her beer and bit her tongue as the man next to her tried to describe to his date some of the 60 craft beers at Sugar Maple in Milwaukee. Turns out, he didn’t know his ales from his hefeweizens.

iStock_000002547685XSmall“You could tell it was, like, a first date,” O’Brien recalled. “She kept asking questions, and this guy just kept making up stuff to answer her questions.”

O’Brien, 31, could have easily set him straight. A sales representative for Tallgrass, a craft beer brewed in Kansas, she’s also a certified Cicerone — kind of a sudsy version of a sommelier.

Although O’Brien didn’t correct the man at the bar, she had the satisfaction of knowing that the men-know-beer/women-prefer-wine cliche could be on its way out, thanks to a growing wave of interest by women in craft beer.

Groups for beer-drinking women are springing up nationwide, including Barley’s Angels, an international club that started a Milwaukee chapter last fall.

Craft beer sales in general have doubled in the last six years and are set to triple by 2017, according to Many of those customers are women between 25 and 34 who appreciate the nuanced flavors of small-batch beers.

Top 10 Spring Beers

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Toast the arrival of spring with beer! We’ve included everything from crisp saisons to hoppy helles lagers to robust Belgian ales on our list of the top 10 Spring beers. Enjoy the season’s finest special releases, including Maibocks and other spring-style beers from U.S. and European breweries.  We recommend picking up a few bottles while there’s still time, as these fan favorites could disappear from shelves by summer’s start.

The Bruery Saison De Lente, The Bruery – Placentia, CA

This spring seasonal, with its bold flavors and label depicting a pink and green Easter egg, shouts out “Lent.” Upon pouring, you’ll notice a pure white, frothy head that lingers long after entering your glass. Aromas of green apple, lemon and wild funk are compliments of the Brettanomyces yeast it’s brewed with. As you sip this highly effervescent, pale golden ale you’ll encounter loads of fizz in your mouth, along with tart flavors of clove and citrus peel, which are also a result of the yeast. After swallowing, the aftertaste delivers a fresh citrusy hop character that is joined with a dry, crisp finish. As with all of The Bruery’s beers, this one is unfiltered and bottle conditioned, meaning it’s naturally carbonated through a secondary fermentation that occurs in the bottle. If you have to give up something for Lent, choose anything but beer so you can enjoy this Belgian-style gem.

Gouden Carolus Easter Beer, Brouwerij Het Anker – Mechelen, Belgium

Don’t be fooled by the cute bunny and colored Easter eggs on the label. This is one seriously strong and potent brew. This rich, dark brown ale is brewed yearly to be enjoyed during Easter dinner, and its robust 10 percent alcohol comes across as malty sweetness that will pair well with a salty spring holiday ham. While the brewery admits to using herbs in the recipe, it’s up to us to guess what they are. A variety of spicy notes can be detected, most predominantly anise, as well as cinnamon, citrus peel and nutmeg, making for an intruiging convergence of flavors. The richness of dark fruits such as figs and plums is thrown in for even more complexity. If you have the patience, consider following the suggestion of the brewery, which states, “This special brew may be laid down (cellared). It will increase in complexity and balance as the years pass.”

St. Paddy’s Day Pairings

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With St. Paddy’s Day right around the corner, we thought we’d share a few beer and food pairings for the upcoming Irish holiday…

Whether you’re Irish or not, chances are you’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in some way this year. This cultural and religious holiday is often celebrated by wearing green, decorating with shamrocks, and like all great holidays, eating good food and drinking beer.

Before you grab an expected Guinness, or dear I even say a green-dyed beer, check out these American craft beer choices that bring out the best qualities of these traditional Irish and Irish-American dishes.

Originating from Northern Ireland, fish and chips simply consists of a battered and fried white fish, accompanied by fried potatoes. In Ireland, haddock or cod are the most commonly used fish.

Fish and Chips | Pale Ale

Fish & Chips and Pale AleA pale ale is a balanced beer with enough hop flavor to cut through the thick batter or the heaviness that comes from frying. But, it’s not too strong as to complicate the delicate, lighter flavors of the fish.

Pale ales to try with fish and chips:

Featured Product: Primary Low Pressure Dual Gauge with Shut-Off

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Introducing our Primary Low Pressure Dual Gauge with Shut-Off. This durable beer regulator has a polycarbonate bonnet that will not chip, break or fade. The non-adjustable “shut-down” safety is built into the body of the regulator where it cannot be removed or easily circumvented. In event of a failure of the regulator seat this safety will respond instantly, isolating the product container from potentially dangerous high pressure. The product container pressure level will not exceed the factory set blow-off of 55 – 65 PSIG. The high pressure ports have left-hand female threads to prevent their use as a lo-pressure outlet while the non-removable adjusting screw is designed so that when it is turned all the way in the maximum downstream delivery pressure will not exceed 50 PSIG.

Additional features include:

  • Internal relief valve opens whenever delivery pressure exceeds set pressure by 15 PSIG. This feature serves as a warning that the seat or diaphragm may be worn or damaged and should be replaced.
  • Sintered metal flow control filter in the inlet nipple to prevent dirt and other particles from damaging internal regulator parts.
  • Permanent Quad-Ring Seal on inlet nipple helps eliminate a source of leaks… no need to use a new fiber washer each time tank is changed.
  • Outlet features shutoff which eliminates a source of gas leaks. The ball-type check valve helps prevent product back-up into the regulator, a common cause of malfunction in the regulating and relief valve parts. Hose barb end designed for use with 5/16″ I.D. pressure tubing.
  • All regulators are pressure tested to assure in-field reliability.
  • Seat assembly is easily replaceable in-field… no need to remove regulator from tank.
  • Each regulator comes with instructions for proper installation and use procedures

The Primary Low Pressure Dual Gauge with Shut-Off is now available in our Online Store.

2 Pump HP Glycol Chiller System

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Keep your beer cool with a Glycol chiller system! Our 2 Pump HP Glycol Chiller is the perfect way to keep your draft lines delivering perfect temperature beer to your faucet. This power pack can hold 11.5 gallons of glycol and is capable of chilling beer lines up to 500 feet in length.

The new “thin-plate” cooling technology is very efficient, delivering a minimum amount of compressor operation. Heat transfer is made through a series of plates immersed in the bath. Additional specifications include:

  • Maximum Distance from Tower: 500′
  • Compressor: 1 HP
  • Volts: 208/230
  • BTU: 7000
  • Bath Capacity: 11.5 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 25″W x 40″D x 41″H
  • Weight: 215 lbs.
  • Required Fuse Size: 20 AMP

For pricing and more information, visit our Online Store.

Glycol Cooled 5 Faucet Terra Tower

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TR211-5_large__43368.1358872137.1280.1280Draft beer towers are a simple and economical solution for your bar. Made of durable, sanitary polished stainless steel, the 5 Faucet Terra Tower makes dispensing beer easy. Cold shanks are separated from the tower by thermo-seals, which allow for no dripping from the tower. The Terra Tower is insulated inside and includes Glycol linesare copper. Additional measurements include:

  • Product lines are Vinyl, 3/16″ I.D. 5′ length
  • Glycol lines are Copper, 3/8″ O.D.
  • Height: 15 1/2″
  • Width: 26 7/8″
  • Distance Between Faucets: 5 1/16″
  • Faucet Height: 12″
  • Diameter: 3 7/8″

For more information on the 5 Faucet Terra Tower or to purchase, please visit our Glacier Design Systems Online Store.

America’s Best Beer Gardens

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beer garden

(Photo: Patrick Eberle)

A traditional German beer garden is little more than a shaded grove with picnic tables, but US chefs and restaurateurs are enhancing the concept with spectacular food and design innovations that range from whiskey-barrel tables to a multimillion-dollar retractable roof. Here, the best beer gardens in the U.S.

Biergarten, San Francisco, CA

This asphalt garden from the owners of the German restaurant Suppenkuche has a minimalist focus on quality, serving just a handful of excellent pilsners, wheat beers and schwarzbiers in huge one-liter steins. Snacks include flavorful bratwurst and fluffy pretzels.

Sheffield’s, Chicago, IL

This popular Lakeview garden concentrates on the beer, offering a strong selection of American craft brews and a number of spectacular bottles from Belgium, like Brouwerij Verhaeghe’s Duchesse de Bourgogne, a complex fruity-and-sour blend of oak-aged ales. Cottonwood trees shade the picnic tables on its comfy patio.

Birreria, New York City, NY

This retracting-roof bar is an airy escape above the bustle of Mario Batali’s maximalist Italian market complex, Eataly. The draw for beer lovers, however, is the brewing program. Two top Italian brewmasters and Dogfish Head’s iconoclastic Sam Calagione collaborated with on-site brewer Peter Hepp, Jr., to make a series of remarkable cask-conditioned ales, like one brewed with fragrant Italian thyme.

California Pizza Kitchen Introduces New Beverage Lineup

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California Pizza Kitchen (CPK), the authority on California-style pizza and creator of the Original BBQ Chicken Pizza, today announced the launch of a new beverage series that includes wine flights, new craft beer offerings and the introduction of a Diet Pepsi® Mixology program.

Each new progressive wine flight includes a sampling of three 3oz pours for $12 and guests can choose from a list of Whites, Reds and Adventurous wines that highlight a range of unique flavors from around the world. All red, white and Adventurous wines by the glass are also available in 6oz or 9oz pours. California Pizza Kitchen also expanded its beer selection to include several popular craft beers like Crispin Artisinal Cider, Newcastle Brown Ale, Arrogant Bastard Ale and Rogue Brutal IPA, all served in 22oz bottles. Additionally, all draft beers will now be served as 18oz pours.

California Pizza Kitchen also introduced The Diet Pepsi® Mixology program, which offers original flavors in calorie-friendly combinations. Guests will have the opportunity to choose from three unique beverage combinations: Berry Lean, a combination of SoBe® Lean, fresh blueberries, passion fruit, blood orange and pomegranate mélange; Blueberry Lime, a combination of blueberries, lime; and Diet Pepsi®; and the Dark and Red, which combines pomegranates, blood oranges and Diet Pepsi®.

“Our goal is to continually provide our guests with menu options that they can’t find anywhere else, and we believe that we are doing just that with the addition of new beverages like craft beers, wine flights and The Diet Pepsi® Mixology program,” said G.J. Hart, Chief Executive Officer for California Pizza Kitchen. “We take great pride in our food and believe that the new drink additions are a great complement to our existing menu.”

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