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Louisiana’s Best Craft Beers of 2012

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coffee porter coutesy tin roofLouisiana craft beer has made a lot of progress in the last couple years. So much so that it is time for the masses to start paying more attention to what they drink, and just as importantly, where it is from. Louisiana has always had a lot of pride in eating locally. They promote their seafood to the rest of the world, and dishes like king cake, jambalaya, and boudin are symbols of the state that they wouldn’t dare accept from outside borders.

The farm to table movement has also hit the restaurant scene in Louisiana, where we see chefs actually paying attention to farms and local food manufacturers where they source their ingredients. So now it is beer’s turn. This goes out to all the beer drinkers, restaurant and bar owners, servers and bartenders: start drinking and pushing more Louisiana-brewed beer.

Now that everyone out there has agreed to drink locally, you may also want to know which beers to drink. Below is a list of the top 10 beers brewed in Louisiana in 2012. Some have come and gone, some are always available, and some will be brewed again, I’m sure.

Glacier Attends IBDEA Seminar

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Glacier attendees from left to right: Jeff Gage, Scott Clarkson, Bill Schilling Sr., Bill Schilling Jr., Dustin Breiner, Jason Summers and Justin Martin.

Glacier recently attended an Advanced Electrical and Refrigeration class, held by IBDEA (International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association), on December 6-7 at the Xylem Headquarters in Irvine, CA.

This two day class and laboratory training was taught by Russ Pricket, from Pricketts Distributing based in Fresno, CA. The class touched upon Trouble Shooting Electrical and Refrigeration for Glycol Units used in the Draft Beer Business.

‘World’s Best Beer’ Finally Available

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worlds best beerBeer aficionados are pouncing at the rare opportunity to buy one of the world’s most elusive and revered beers for the first – and perhaps only – time in the United States.

It is called Westvleteren XII, and it is often hailed as the “world’s best beer” by reviewers and fans.

Westvleteren XII is produced by Trappist monks in Belgium and sold at the abbey of Saint Sixtus in the Belgian countryside. The beer can usually only be purchased by reservation at the abbey – and reservations are extremely hard to come by.

But when the abbey found itself hurting for money for an expensive renovation, the monks reluctantly made the decision to sell the beer outside of the walls of the monastery on a one-time-only basis.

Chicago Is Experiencing A Craft Beer Boom

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It’s no secret that people in Chicago drink a lot of beer. The hard part is choosing just one type of beer.

The ‘Windy City’ –and the country — is now experiencing a craft brewing boom with the number of local brew houses more than doubling in the past year, according to the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild

In a sign that Midwestern taste buds are rapidly evolving, “Chicago beer drinkers’ palates are becoming more educated, becoming more diverse” says Pete Crowley, president of Illinois Craft Brewers Guild and owner of Haymarket Pub & Brewery in Chicago. “The majority of people (craft brewers) are in it because they are passionate about beer, passionate about flavors and passionate about being a local brand.”

Lagunitas Brewing Company has had its eyes set on Chicago for a while. The California-based brewery is now in the process of expanding into a 300,000 square- foot warehouse on the city’s Southwest side. “This brewery will serve all of the eastern United States from Denver to…all the way to Key West,” says Lagunitas CEO Tony Magee.

National Lager Day 2012

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Credits: David Lillo

If you’re looking for the perfect excuse to indulge in a little holiday “spirit,” you’re in luck! Dec. 10, 2012, is National Lager Day, an annual “holiday” that celebrates the smooth and refreshing Lager. Whether you consider yourself a novice or a beer connoisseur, today is the day to raise your glass and celebrate an ice cold brew!

The word ‘Lager’ is derived from the German word “lagern,” Lager is the most consumed type of beer in the world. In fact, many countries make their own versions. While ales are brewed with top-fermenting yeast and age quickly at warmer temperatures, lagers are light-bodied beer made by bottom fermentation that requires cooler temperatures and longer periods to mature.

National Lager Day 2012 Events:

In honor of National Lager Day, Samuel Adams is inviting everyone to participate in the Great Samuel Adams Boston Lager Log Off. All you need to do is Tweet @SamuelAdamsBeers with #BostonLagerLogOff or leave a post on Facebook with the tag “Samuel Adams,” and share where and how you are celebrating the refreshing occasion. Then, log off. Turn off those electronic devices, laptops, tablets, cell phones and computers and enjoy a great brew with friends and family.

Client Testimonial from Applebee’s

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Glacier Design Systems, Inc. strives to be the best they can be and client testimonials are an answer to to their efforts, proving just how important reputable client relations really are.

Below is a testimonial from Nancy, an employee at Applebee’s in Alhambra:

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know what a great job Dustin did the other day in my store.  Apparently prior management had really jimmy-rigged our store to make the beer system work with no additional equipment.  Dustin took the time to:

  • Search my whole store (even in the ceiling) to look for missing equipment
  • Walk me through the process
  • Make recommendations
  • Talk to my boss
  • Install the correct equipment
  • And make sure I knew how to use it

Restaurant Alcohol Sales Continue To Rise

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Sales of adult beverages in the U.S. increased in 2011 and will continue to rise, according to a study by restaurant research firm Technomic.

Technomic’s 2012 BarTAB (Trends in Adult Beverage) report showed that sales of beer, wine and spirits in restaurants increased 4.9 percent in 2011, reaching $93.7 billion and are trending up for 2012 and 2013.

One reason for that sales growth and its predicted continuation may be pent-up demand left over from the recession, said Technomic senior director Donna Hood Crecca. “Now that we’re into the recovery and consumer confidence is improving, they’re giving in and going for that affordable indulgence,” she said.

According to the report, one third of consumers say that alcoholic beverages at a restaurant influence their decision to go there, meaning that adult drinks are becoming a competitive differentiator. “Operators are also doing a great job promoting [drinks],” Crecca added. “They’re doing beer dinners and tequila dinners. That generates excitement among consumers.”