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Craft Beers For Your Next Powder Day

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With many powder days on the horizon for locals and tourists alike, there’s nothing like a craft beer at the end of an epic day on the mountain. If you ever find yourself looking for a place to grab a local craft beer after a day of skiing, look no further than one of these breweries close to the lifts.

Deschutes Brewery
Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort | Bend, Oregon

Just outside of Bend, a mecca for outdoor and craft beer enthusiasts, lies Mt. Bachelor in the Central Cascade Mountains. As one of the largest ski areas in North America, guests can ski in any direction off of the summit in a variety of terrain.

Afterwards, enjoy a Red Chair NWPA at Deschutes Brewery (available January – May), named after the oldest operating chairlift on Mt. Bachelor.

Gifts To Make Your Beer Geek Hoppy This Holiday

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If you have a beer geek in your life, chances are you’ve learned to ignore their unbridled enthusiasm for craft brews. You’ve blotted out all the times they’ve excitedly said “try this” and handed you a glass of what tastes like a ground-up pine tree floating in grapefruit juice, or when they’ve prattled on about head retention, or have lamented the fact that they missed this year’s batch of KBS (that’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout, if you’re uninitiated).

While this is a smart coping mechanism, it might leave you a little unprepared when it comes time to acknowledge the fact that you’ve been listening (even when what you’ve really been thinking about is Real Housewives, dry cleaning, or anything other than the original gravity of your loved one’s latest batch of homebrew).

The good news is: You don’t have to be a beer geek in order to buy a nice gift for someone who’s a little obsessed with the world’s greatest beverage. You just need a little help. To that end, here are 10 gifts that will brighten the holiday of even the most hardened beer geek in your life.

CraftWorks in 2013

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Recall that top-30 craft brewer CraftWorks is comprised of Old Chicago, Rock Bottom, and Gordon Biersch, the latter two which brew their own beer in-house (though some carry outside brands as well). The group is around 200 units, with a 40/60 beverage-food breakdown.

VP of beverage for the chain Stuart Melia says craft is up double digits as a percentage of sales at remodeled units of Old Chicago, with more visible proof to come next year. “All I can say is you haven’t seen anything yet. CraftWorks has a passion for beer that is unrivaled by anyone in casual dining, and we have the in-house expertise to take Craft Beer to the next level. Who else operating restaurants and bars today has 80 brewers on staff?”

Pumpkin Pie and Beer for Thanksgiving Dinner

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If all that seems to be on the beer shelves this Halloween and Thanksgiving season are Christmas and other winter-themed beers, you can be pardoned for being confused.

Pumpkin beers? They’re so September, right?

Oktoberfests? Well, a beer by any other name would make little sense if not released in July or August.

Such has become the way of the beer world, where much of the niche seasonal beer market has begun resembling other seasonal and holiday-driven retail markets. But fear not. If you have designs on serving a pumpkin beer with your Thanksgiving Dinner menu, you can still pick up any of a couple of handfuls of pumpkin beers that go much better with the mid-autumn turkey dinner, particularly the dessert course, than they do with late-summer yard work.

Glacier Attends Brau Beviale 2012

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Glacier was excited to attend the annual Brau Beviale tradeshow in Nuremberg, Germany this past week.

The Brau Beviale tradeshow includes machinery and installations from international beer equipment industry leaders, high-quality raw materials and innovative marketing ideas, efficient logistics solutions and operating equipment. It also gives attendees a comprehensive guide to the market and the basis for successful investment decisions in a friendly atmosphere.

A favorite part of the show was watching a group from Ukrainian Beer Company play the drums (the event coordinators were not amused). It was quite entertaining and we’re sure fellow onlookers would agree with us!

To view more information about the Brau Beviale tradeshow, click here to visit their site.

What’s Healthier – Drinking a Glass of Wine or Beer?

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Moderate consumption of alcohol – whether it’s beer, wine, or a shot of tequila – has been found to guard against heart disease, improve cholesterol levels, and even boost cognitive function. But in terms of additional benefits, you might be surprised to learn that beer comes out on top, according to Andrea Giancoli, R.D., spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Wine contains the antioxidant resveratrol, but, says Giancoli, “You’d need to drink much more than a glass or two of wine [a day] to obtain enough to be beneficial.” Meanwhile, compared to wine, “beer contains more B vitamins, including folate and niacin, plus silicon, which is associated with better bone health. Moderate beer consumption also seems to lower the risk of kidney stones in men. It’s even got a little bit of fiber!”


Winter Craft Beers – Now In Season

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Now that the holiday season is finally here, it’s time pull out those winter craft beers! The flavors and smells indicative of the winter months—cinnamon, spruce, allspice, gingerbread and smoke—are on display in these craft beers that will bring a new dimension to your holiday table.

“The holidays are a special time for everyone, particularly craft brewers who seize the opportunity to showcase their creativity with winter’s festive spices and robust ingredients,” said Julia Herz, publisher of and craft beer program director of the Brewers Association.

To help you with your winter craft beer selection, the Brewers Association member breweries provided a list of their latest winter seasonal releases…

Pairing Craft Beer and Artisan Cheese

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Cheese’s texture and make-up interacts well with craft beer. Hops work as a cutting agent against the fattiness of cheese, while carbonation lifts fat and protein off the palate so you’re ready to enjoy another taste.

Just as the appreciation of craft beer has evolved throughout your adult life, chances are, your enjoyment of other foods has changed too.

Cheese is an example of a food that earlier in life may have seemed limited to you—yellow, square and wrapped in cellophane—but now has as much diversity as America’s skyrocketing craft beer scene.

It’s no wonder that with the myriad of options available, craft beer and cheese work exceptionally well together. Many cheese professionals believe that beer may even be a better pairing with cheese than, dare I say, wine.

Beers Of Autumn

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Fall is a special time of year, particularly for drinking seasonally. While there is no doubt that hordes of beer geeks select beers based on the season all year long, there are a number of people who only do so in the fall when pumpkin and Oktoberfest (also known as Marzen) beers appear on store shelves.

But, generally speaking, I’m not crazy about either style. Nor is either style particularly popular with beer nerds. That got me wondering what beer industry experts turn to when the days grow shorter and the weather outside gets colder.

Beer Suggestions For Different Functions

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The 2012 Brewers Association Beer Style Guidelines states more than 140 distinct styles of beer are produced worldwide. Since 1979, the organization has worked to create a comprehensive reference guide for use by brewers and competitors.

While official descriptions systematically describe every aspect of a beer’s physical attributes, from alcohol content to bitterness to color, social function is not described.

And so, we humbly present our own suggestions for the three most common beer-drinking settings…


For centuries, beer has been an effective social lubricant. It is a staple for tailgating, concerts and sporting events, backyard barbecues and celebrations.

These events are the reason 30-packs exist, and let’s face it, there’s a reason they’re called “keggers” not “corkers.”

Coffee, Beer and Coffee Beers

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Despite its euphoric, inhibition-loosening reputation, alcohol is a depressant, not a stimulant. If you’re looking for the latter, you need look no further than that cup in your hand. In fact, you’re probably having your morning coffee as you read this. It’s a time-honored ritual.

Coffee, of course, is made from the seeds of the coffee plant, which we commonly refer to — incorrectly — as the bean. It’s really the pit inside the fruit, which is sometimes referred to as a cherry or coffee berry. Coffee is the second most traded commodity, after oil, among developing nations. And for most Americans, a cup of richly flavored, caffeinated coffee is the only way to start the day.